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Kids Birthday parties are absolutely full of exciting treats and surprises, starting from the cute themes up to the amusing kids party ideas.  The goal of parties is to manifest fun feast for the young ones and even young at hearts. As time passed by the desire to make kids party more appealing and wonderful different gimmicks take children’s party to the next level.

One of the new trends  includes, food carts, these are aesthetically pleasing stands that carries evidently delicious treats which invites kids to roam around and interact.

Witness how time changed the old school ways of kids party celebration.  So, we give you a definite list of delightful food carts that can surely win the heart of the little bosses.

Cotton candy

Who wouldn’t love the spun sugar confection that resembles in colorful cotton? This treat will surely catch the attention of the sweet tooth. Cotton candies can also come in colorful shapes and characters that will be more satisfying for a kid’s eye.

kids party

Ice cream

This sweet cold treat is a wonderful offering for kids during parties, make it more enticing by putting variety of flavors that surely kids will love. You can also put sprinkles and toppings like marshmallows, nips and nuts.

kids party


A kids choice because of its tenderness and satisfying taste, hotdogs will surely make lines longer, eliminate the use of banana trunks and make it more enticing with your do it yourself hotdog food cart.

kids party


Fun popping experience for kids, you can also add popcorn to one of your stations, put variety of flavors to choose from like cheese, caramel or the salty one.

French fries

Surely a thumbs up for your little guests, French fries is a no doubt kids favorite from its alluring softness combines with flavors such as sour and cream, cheese or even a ketchup, kids will surely love the playful taste of this snack.


A fast food choice of kids, from its alluring first bite leading to its savory patty from the inside, burgers will surely attract the little ones!


Another one for the sweet tooth, attracting colors and delicious presentation of toppings leaves no question why cupcakes should be present on your kid’s special day. Presented with different toppings such as icing, chocolate sprinkles, pretzels and nuts, cupcakes will surely delight the fun feast.

Birthday parties get more exciting with the miscellaneous efforts done with a goal of making kids more enticed with the celebration. Food carts are just one of the few treats that can be considered to add smiles to your guests. Make it more fantastic with a touch and craft of your own ideas.



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