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Find the Best Wedding Makeup Look

Brides-to-be, we’ve got great suggestions to help you look your absolute made-up best on the big day!

Start with a great surface.

It has often been said that clear skin is the best canvas for makeup artists. Invest in having monthly facial cleaning treatments that will improve your skin. Try to relax, eat the right food, and sleep at the proper time. You want to look dewy and glowing on your wedding day, not dry and dull.

Go on makeup trials.

Whether it’s getting a free trial through a makeup counter artist or booking and paying for a professional artist to do your makeup for a special event, it’s always exciting (and sometimes scary) to see what they will come up with! Just make sure to give the artist directions on how you’d like to look or which feature you’d like to focus on. After a few hours or so, check how your makeup looks. Do you still look fresh? Which areas need touchups? Are certain products irritating your face? Take note of these for future reference.

Study your features.

Observe your eyebrows, eyes, nose, cheeks, and lips. Appreciate the little intricacies and the way they converge to complete your unique face. Then, pick a feature you would like to accentuate for a day and notice how people react to it. Why not try a shade of lipstick that you are considering for your wedding? It’s a worthy option if you get compliments while wearing it or if you feel good about using the product the entire day (it doesn’t feel heavy on your lips or it stays on even after you eat).

Dazzle with your eyes.

Draw your guests to the windows of your soul with the right eye makeup. Follow these tips:

  • Have your eyebrows groomed a week before your wedding! Make sure the eyebrow pencil used matches your hair color.
  • Go for soft and subtle matte eye shadow so your lids don’t look shiny in photos.
  • Ask your makeup artist to apply an off-white (for fair skin) or peach (for dark skin) matte shadow along your brow bone to illuminate your eyes.
  • Always go for smudge-proof or waterproof mascara. You don’t want to end up with raccoon eyes by the end of the day!
  • Banish dark eye bags by using concealer, but make sure the shade is not too light or it will highlight the area instead.
  • If you’re planning to use false eyelashes, practice wearing them a few times before your wedding. Some falsies have the tendency to poke your eyes or make your lids feel heavy, so testing them will help you adjust to their presence.

Highlight your cheeks.

Create a natural glow with these cheeky options:

  • For women with fair skin, a shade of pale pink or peach blush with help you look like a blushing bride.
  • Apricot, mauve, rose, or berry blushes work well with brides with medium to dark skin tones.
  • Contour your cheeks with bronzer and highlighter for a sun-kissed look!
  • Add some gold shimmer on the tops of your cheekbones to make you appear dewy.

Make a statement with your lips.

The right lippie will accentuate your smile! Try these suggestions:

  • Pick a nude lippie that’s a tint darker than your lips. You don’t want to look like your mouth is missing.
  • Choose a pink lip color with a hint of glitter to add dimension to your smackers.
  • Balance your dramatic eye makeup with a neutral shade of lipstick.
  • Day weddings call for lippies in pink, coral, or beige. Berry, plum, or even classic red work best for night weddings.

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