Easy Office Party Décor Ideas You Can Do in an Hour or Less!

Create your own wall streamers.

Cutting up long strips of crepe paper in different colors will instantly liven up the look of any room. Don’t bother covering the entire room with wall streamers. Instead, choose to liven up the wall behind the buffet area, one corner for an instant backdrop for a photo booth, and if there’s some more left over, create a dramatic entrance and hang a few streamers by the entrance.

Take it outdoors.

Take advantage of your building’s rooftop or outdoor area and hold the party there! Make sure though to clear it with the building administration first for any do’s and don’ts, but if you get the clearance to take the party outdoors, the city skyline will serve as a great backdrop that didn’t cost you a centavo.

Gather up the greenery.

You’d be surprised on just how many plants you can gather up if you set your mind to it—meaning, if you bug as many officemates and admin folk about it. If you’ve got potted plants around the office, ask if you could borrow them for the party as decoration. If you’re able to collect a few succulents and other desktop plants, use those as table centerpieces!

Go for big balloons.

Never underestimate the fun that balloons bring to people of all ages! The most awesome thing about balloons too is that getting a lot of them is fairly cheap, and they come in a lot of colors and designs that you can definitely match to the theme of the party. Hint: if you want to make it a bit more grown up, let the balloons be floor décor, sans their strings or sticks. If you want to go all out creative, leave a bunch of markers on a table and encourage the guests to decorate or write on the balloons. Instant activity!

Let there be (a little) light.

You’ve probably been to those weddings wherein you’ve noticed that they use the lights to set the mood. You’ve also noticed that it’s usually not very brightly lit during wedding receptions—if anything, they use soft or colored lighting to make things look more romantic yet celebratory. How do manage to do this in an office setting? Cellophane paper works wonders for lighting—simply stick a few pieces to the office lights and you’re done. If this isn’t allowed, why not purchase a few candles and have a party by candlelight, or a campfire party?

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