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Easy and Affordable DIY Birthday Ideas

Children only turn 1 once, and that’s usually the excuse that parents make in order to throw the biggest and most lavish party possible for their kid, even if it means spending more than a half year’s worth of their monthly salary on it. If you have that much money to spare, great for you, but if you don’t, what kind of party can you throw for your little one?

The answer: a meaningful party! Whether you invite 10 or 1,000 people to your party, what matters to your child is that he or she feels loved and they have your undivided attention. Oftentimes the best gift you can give to a child is your presence! (Get more tips on how to throw affordable birthday party here.)

But given that you still want to throw a party for your child, here are a few ideas that you can execute yourself, plus it won’t take the spotlight away from your child (and won’t stress you out, either!)

1. Neon

This by far is the easiest theme, because it’s easy for your guests to dress according to the theme and you can easily find decorations, like crepe paper and balloons, in neon colors in the nearby school supplies store. And most kiddie food will come in bright or neon colors too, so that will be easy to request from your caterer.

2. Treasure Hunt

Kids love (and get a bit competitive!) when it comes to anything related to hunts—why do you think Easter egg hunts are still so popular? Treasure hunts, on the other hand, add more detail into the hunting activity. You can choose to make it as simple or complicated as you like, but it will of course depend on the age range of your guests, too. For the younger set, the parents can help out, but for those 4 and above, they can search for treasure well on their own—just make sure to keep an eye on them. Hide goodies, like chocolate coins or eggs with surprises inside, or a ton of random toys scattered all over the area. They will go crazy over them!

3. Bubble Time

Kids of all ages adore bubbles. From blowing them to getting inside them, bubbles appeal to kids, no matter how old they get. The best part is that bubble solution and bubble wands are very affordable, especially if you head down to Divisoria and get them for a bulk price. Hold your party in an outdoor, preferably grassy area, and hand the bubbles over to your guests as soon as they get to your party. Go the extra mile and hire professional bubble show entertainers and it will definitely be the highlight of your guest’s day.

Read this for more DIY decoration ideas. If you want to get ideas for the theme of your kid’s party, check this.

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