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Scouting Your Dream Wedding Dress in Divisoria

Ever thought of getting a wedding dress in Divisoria?

Divisoria’s vibrant shopping district has always delivered cheap goods to the masses. Its winding streets and crisscrossed stalls can make a newbie panic but don’t worry — we’re here to help! 

Where DO we get wedding dresses in Divisoria?

Divisoria offers tons of options for Ready-to-wear or RTW Gowns. Here are the two most frequented places:

Front face of 168 mall where you can find wedding dress in divisoria

168 Mall

📍 918 Soler Street, Binondo, Manila

The mall has diverse offerings contained in its three levels. Which includes affordable ready-to-wear gowns and dresses. 

On the mall’s lower ground floor, rows and rows of stalls carrying beautiful gowns fit for royalty can be found. Wedding dresses here range from 5,000 pesos and increase in price as the designs get more intricate with the highest going up to 22,000 pesos. 

You can also get dresses for other members of your wedding party here. Dresses for special occasions and suits for children are also available.

A bit of a warning though: the mall is notorious for having a convoluted floor plan so take note of the stall of the dress you have your eyes on if you plan on coming back for it.

Facade of Dragon 8 or D8 mall where you can find dream wedding dress in divisoria

D8 or Dragon 8 Mall 

📍 747 Recto Avenue, Tondo, Manila

This six-story mall is another bride-on-a-budget’s heaven. Elegant yet cheap dresses take up the whole mall’s second floor. Their wedding dresses also start from 5,000 pesos and increase as the design gets more complex.

Dresses and suits for abays, ninangs, and grooms can be bought here as well.

Other places to go

Aside from the malls, some stalls along the streets also offer cheap dresses. Ylaya Street is the textile heart of the district. Some bridal shops prefer to be closer to their source.

Tabora Street and Sto. Cristo Street also contains some bridal shops and sewing and textile needs. Not only that, they also have wholesalers of party and wedding needs.

Yangco Market is also a go-to place when talking about budget-friendly wedding dresses. It’s near Ylaya and Tabora streets so why not peek at the designs they have while you’re in the area?

What’s exciting about buying a Ready-to-Wear dress is that you can already see how the dress looks on you. Stalls in Divisoria even have their in–house seamstress so they can alter your dress while you wait. 

Some stores offer a package deal for the bride. Along with a gorgeous dress, they also include a package deal when they sell wedding dresses. Other things like the veil, arrhae, the cord, etc., – all things essential for a Filipino bride.

Dress reflection in mirror

But what makes a dress expensive?

Before you head out

Let us give you some Divisoria newbie tips!

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