Debut Ideas 101: New Sets of “18” for your Program

Why stick to the usual debut ideas when you can go modern and dynamic? Debutantes are always in search of new and fun ways to make their celebration memorable and entertaining. The usual 18 roses, gifts and candles are already acclaimed for a long time, so it’s either you will go traditional or go for a distinct celebration.

Make your Debut a recognizable one through these new sets of 18 for your program that will surely astound everyone on the day of your event:

18 Bills

Giving monetary gift is the most practical present today and it is also convenient at the same time. The money you will be receiving on your birthday could be a great help for your financial needs. You can take part in it for things you wanted to buy for yourself and save part of it for future use.

Debut Ideas

18 Songs 

This is a good idea for your talented friends and to serenade the whole debut venue with a majestic sound. Ask them to choose one song they will dedicate to you and ask them to sing a few lines for you. This is perfect to give a chance to your talented friends to shine even just for a night.

Debut Ideas

18 Shots 

This is a new program wherein the participant will deliver a speech to the debutante and wish a good future with a toast. So cheers to your good future ahead!

Debut Ideas

18 Sweets

The idea of this new program is to reminisce on the good and sweet moments of the participant and the debutante that is being symbolized by a cupcake.  The debutante could take a bite after the participant’s speech if she wishes to.

Debut Ideas

18 Shoes

They say “Good shoes take you to good places.” Let those shoes be your guide all throughout your journey of womanhood. As the title demands, each participant will give you a pair of shoes.

18 Sweet Thoughts

This is the simplest but the most moving part in a debut program. The participants can speak about the good or even the worst moments they shared with the debutante and elaborate why it was memorable then utter a short message for the debutante.

The debutante has rewarded all the freedom to choose the program and who will be the part of it on her grandest and special day. Choosing different sets of debut ideas for your program means stepping out of the traditional and grabbing the opportunity to make it memorable.

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