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How to deal with Sticky Family Situations in Your Wedding

Weddings can get to a stressful affair. There are a lot of details that go into it, and making sure that all those details come together during the big day can drive a worrywart (or bridezilla!) to the edge.

But maybe you’ve been too obsessed with making sure your florist gets the correct shade of pink for your wedding bouquet that you forgot to think about the sticky, awkward family situations that might take place during your big day. These situations might be…

Your mom and dad aren’t in speaking terms.

Maybe your mom and dad separated a long time ago, and time hasn’t healed all their wounds just yet. Don’t expect that they will magically know how to put that emotional baggage aside and act civil—maybe even happy! —during your wedding day.

Of course, you know your parents best, and if you think they won’t go all telenovela on you, then that’s great. But if there’s any indication that drama might happen during your wedding, it’s best to talk to both of them separately and ask them to do everything in their power to be all right with each other during the wedding. Lay out a plan for them—maybe you can have separate family photos with each other (or just take five minutes with both of them together), and your parents’ new partners can stay home during the wedding, to ease the tension. Keep them on opposite sides of the presidential table, too.

You cousins might embarrass you.

Your cousins might be the life of the party when they get really drunk during Christmas reunions and start belting out videoke classics, but it’s not amusing at all if they do the same thing during your wedding.

Rethink your “open bar” option—maybe a round of champagne or wine will be better, will keep people sober, and might even be cheaper, too.

Your sisters always steal the spotlight from you.

Maybe your sister is a big celebrity, or maybe she’s just used to effortlessly getting anyone’s attention by being her charming self. If you’ve got yourself a “Taylor Swift is my maid of honor” moment, don’t fuss over it too much. Accept the selfies, or people complimenting her all the time. Unless she’s doing it on purpose, it’s not her fault that she grabs so much attention.

Focus instead on everything else that’s wonderful about the day. And remember, it’s your big day, not your sister’s. The attention on her will fade, and don’t let your insecurities get in the way of you feeling overjoyed.

Your family doesn’t like your future husband or their future in-laws.

There could be several reasons as to why your two families don’t get along, and forcing them to do so for the sake your union won’t work. Accept that this is the case, and agree to to be civil, even just for the day. Hopefully, you and your future husband are mature enough to accept the situation and still stand by your decision to get married.


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