Cute Kiddie Invites that can be reused, too!

In the age where simply texting the party’s details is acceptable, going the extra mile to make your child’s party invitation more than what it’s expected to be will be a welcome treat for your guests. Here are a couple of ideas:

For a cooking party, try…

A chef’s hat

Young kids love role-playing, and a chef’s hat will be a welcome addition to their make believe playtime. The chef’s hat can also serve as a preview to the party, wherein the guest will be able to get the matching apron or a set of cooking toys as a souvenir, if they choose to attend the party.

For an al fresco party, try…

A portable fan

Depending on your budget, you can get the traditional handheld fans, or battery-operated ones. The best part of this invitation is that they can use it not just during the party, but also long after it. No one will say no to this gift!

For an active party, try…

An action figure, toy car, or ball

Bear in mind that you don’t need to get the pricey or branded toys for this. Anything generic or affordable that will get your theme across—whether it be your child’s love for racing cars or basketball or Batman—will do. There will always be something for every budget!

For a swimming party, try…

A travel-sized tube of sunblock

Not all parents have kid-friendly sunblock stashed in their homes at all times, so they will greatly appreciate you saving them the trip to the mall to get one just for your party. Some kids might have more sensitive skin compared to others, so choose your sunblock wisely.

For a picnic party, try…

A finger sandwich

Making finger sandwiches and individually wrapping them might sound like a lot of work, but not when you keep the sandwiches simple (ham and cheese will do, or even just cheese!) and the sandwich wrappers as colorful as possible, to make it look more “inviting” for your guests—pun intended.

For a movie night party, try…

Popcorn balls

Freshly popped popcorn might not stay deliciously crunchy for long, so a good alternative would be to make popcorn balls instead. It’s simple, sweet, and will stay yummy for longer than a day. Another time saver: most local supermarkets have prepackaged popcorn balls!

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