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Create Your Wedding Hue-niverse

Turn to the color wheel to evoke special feelings on your wedding day!

Picking a color palette for your big day is tantamount to deciding on the overall feel of your celebration. Once you’ve picked a color or palette, the rest will follow—your venue and table decorations, your cake design, your flowers, your invitation motif, and most importantly, your bridal entourage dresses. Some couples’ colors are inspired by the season of their wedding, while others pick hues that are close to their heart (one from the guy, the other from the girl). What most couples don’t realize is that the tints they choose reflect their personalities and ultimately set the tone for the entire wedding.

Read up on the color profiles to find out if you’re picking the right hues for your wedding day:

Color: Red

Popular wedding hues: Burgundy, marsala, fuchsia, pink

Words associated with it: Passion, fire, energy

Feelings it will evoke: Energize your entourage by letting them wear this rich and warm color! Show your guests a good time by accompanying this attention-seeking shade with a lively program and fun upbeat music.

Color: Orange

Popular wedding hues: Peach, coral, tangerine, apricot

Words associated with it: Optimistic, zest, autumn

Feelings it will evoke: Prepare for a gathering filled with friendly chatter and boisterous laughter, thanks to this enthusiastic shade. This tint will definitely match your outgoing and adventurous personalities as a couple!

Color: Yellow

Popular wedding hues: Gold, canary, lemon, chartreuse

Words associated with it: Sunny, cheerful, enlightenment

Feelings it will evoke: Cross the threshold with a hue that simply radiates positivity. The lively color will help create a happy atmosphere, whatever the weather might be outside.

Color: Green

Popular wedding hues: Teal, emerald, turquoise, mint

Words associated with it: Nurture, abundance, relaxation

Feelings it will evoke: Step into your new life as a couple with a color that symbolizes growth and restoration. Pair green dresses with natural makeup looks for a fresh and laid-back vibe.

Color: Blue

Popular wedding hues: Azure, cyan, sapphire, Tiffany blue

Words associated with it: Harmony, prosperity, serenity

Feelings it will evoke: Keep your wedding attendees completely relaxed by opting to decorate your venue with this beloved, tranquil shade. Blue also signifies depth and stability—two qualities you hope to achieve from your happy union.

Color: Violet

Popular wedding hues: Lavender, lilac, orchid, mauve

Words associated with it: Royalty, fantasy, individuality

Feelings it will evoke: Violet is a popular hue linked to meditation and spirituality. If you’re hoping to produce an air of mystery during your wedding celebration, then it’s best to pick a shade in this regal color. It will surely expand your guests’ imaginations!

A few more color pointers to keep in mind:

  • Stick to a maximum of three colors to play with. Set one as the main color, and then use the other two as accent and supporting hues!
  • Go for opposites—cool and warm or saturated and neutral.
  • Build a palette in the same color family such as different shades of pink and red. You can assign the darker tints to the older members of your entourage, and go lighter for your flower girls and junior bridesmaids.
  • Pastel shades work best for morning or outdoor weddings.
  • Pick a dark or jewel tone palette if you’re going for something dramatic!

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