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Create Your Own Wedding Party Mix

With just 7 easy steps, you and your partner can save a few bucks and be the music mixers of your reception party!

Step 1: Choose a music player that will allow you to create a mix.

Before anything else, install a music player such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. Familiarize yourself with its settings and, more importantly, find out how you can copy and save songs into your chosen music player.

Step 2: Decide on the mood.

Do you want the night to be utterly romantic or do you want your guests nodding their heads to the beat of your favorite classic rock anthems? Agree on the aural atmosphere with your partner, but don’t limit yourselves to just one theme for the entire night.

Step 3: Review your wedding reception program.


You’ll need to create a mix or multiple mixes based on what will happen at your wedding party. Will you skip the games and go straight to the dancing? Get advice from your wedding planner about how long each segment will take. That way, you can prepare enough songs for each part of the festivities.

Step 4: Create different playlists.

Following step 3, craft at least 4 to 5 playlists based on your celebration breakdown. The first can be devoted to atmospheric melodies which can be played while your guests are going into the venue. The second can be something fun and grand to go with your entrance as newlyweds, the first dance, and the cake cutting. The third can be music played while eating (which can also be the same as the first mix). The fourth should be for games. While the fifth can be composed of high-energy tracks perfect for dancing.

Step 5: Add songs to each playlist.

Don’t just think of yourself and your partner when you create music playlists. Think of all your attendees and how they’ll react when they hear the tunes blasting through the speakers. Will your grandparents be compelled to tap their feet when they hear a modern beat? Will the little ones be familiar with the classic hits you decide to include? The songs don’t have to be all well-known, but they should be engaging for most of your guests.

Step 6: Test and time your playlists.

Have a practice run of all the songs on your mixes. Follow the flow of your reception and readjust the order of the songs depending on your taste. Make sure to prioritize your favorites by placing them at the top of the list, but also add extra songs in case the segment takes longer than expected.

Step 7: Save or burn the playlists in a CD.

Once you’re happy with the mixes you’ve come up with, burn the playlists in a CD or save them in your phone. On the day of the event, hand them to your sound system person with a printed list of the priority songs per playlist.

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