Create a Delicious Yet Healthy Dessert Buffet

Ah, dessert buffets–kids and adults alike love them. Kiddie parties seems to love this trend, and parents love piling on as many pastries, candies, and anything else that might strike their fancy. Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory’s got nothing on these dessert buffets!

But the sugar high for kids is inevitable. After all, what child would still want to eat the “normal” fare like chicken or spaghetti when faced with unlimited chocolates and ice cream?

So how do you still present a delicious dessert buffet, minus some of the sugar high? Create a healthier version of the usual fare. Here’s how:

Instead of… cakes with a ton of icing

Go for… naked cakes, with the option of their own sprinkles and spreads

The beauty of naked cakes–meaning, cakes sans the icing–is that you’ll get to control just how much icing and cake topping your child will be able to get. This is ideal for those who want more cake rather than the icing, anyway. Another plus would be that your child has a fun activity to do–decorating his or her own cake slice. yum! Speaking of fun activity, you can get ideas from this article, “Craft Activities for Your Next Kiddie Party”.

Instead of… milk chocolate bars

Go for… dark chocolate bars (or a fountain!)

Dark chocolate is much healthier than its milkier cousin–better for the heart, and gives a stronger chocolate taste, anyway. The kids will hardly taste the difference.

Instead of… sugary lollipops full of empty calories

Go for… fruit popsicles!

It still gives off the same sugary vibe of lollipops, but without the empty calories. A lot of fruit popsicles are out in the market today, or you can choose to make your own.

Instead of… candies

Go for… pieces of fruit on a stick

Fruit kebabs can be just as fun as a pack of candies, and a lot healthier, too. You can choose to create ready to eat fruit kebabs, or offer up slices of different types of fruit. You can make it more fun by giving some syrup to add on to it, or put it by the chocolate fountain and watch them put two and two together!

Instead of… chocolate chip cookies

Go for… oatmeal and dark chocolate cookies

Cookies are crunchy delights that people can’t simply get only one of. But a good thing about cookies is that you can mix in a lot of other ingredients besides the usual chocolate chips. Oatmeal gives it a bit more chewy texture, but is still as delicious!

If you want more healthy desserts for your kid’s party, you can read this article “13 Healthy Kids Desserts That Are So Much Fun”.

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