Craft Activities for Your Next Kiddie Party

Giving your child’s guests something to do will make the party more memorable for them. Here are a couple of ideas to try for your next crafts party:

Mural of handprints. Made best for small children, all you’ll need are trays of paint, large sheets of manila paper, and their little hands to create this mural. Tape the manila paper on a blank wall and watch the kids go crazy with it.

If paint is too messy for you to handle, cut out handprints, and give it out to the guests for them to decorate it themselves. They can use markers or crayons, depending on their age. They’ll love the feeling of independence and accomplishment that comes with it.

Stone painting. Stones are affordable (sometimes even free!) materials you can use for arts and crafts, but the kids need to be of a certain age before using it—think 3 and above—because any younger and they might try to put it in their mouth, or throw it and break something. The best size is as big as the palm of an adult, and a bit rough so that the child can hold it while painting. Provide the paint and paintbrushes, and watch their imagination run wild with it.

Paper mobile. This can either be done in groups, or as an individual activity, depending on the amount of materials that you can provide. All you’ll need is a couple of sticks (think bamboo sticks, or maybe balloon sticks that have been cut up), safety kids’ scissors, glitter, and a lot of pieces of colored paper. You can choose to give them a theme, or photos to follow, but either way, just give them the basic instructions, and let them do the rest. They’ll surely create better-looking or more creative ones than your pegs!

DIY musical instrument. Filling up empty plastic water bottles with pebbles or rough sand makes for an instant musical instrument, but if you would like to take it a step further, you can cut the plastic bottle in half, fill it with pebbles or rough sand, tape it back together using masking tape, and decorate it with markers. It will look much better (and more grip-friendly for younger kids) than any store-bought musical instrument, because your child will be so proud of his or her creation. Just make sure to have the adults cut the plastic bottles and not leave it to the kids to do it, because it’s a bit tough and the edges can get sharp if done improperly.

Design your own shirt. Tie-dye for shirts is fun, but can get really messy and might be too complicated for young kids. Fabric markers are your best bet for shirt decorating, or if you have a bit more budget, you can choose to have patches to Velcro it on the shirt. Use a plain colored shirt, preferably a white shirt, to make it an instant crowd pleaser.

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