Christmas Party Must Haves

For certified celebrators this must have been what you’re looking for, since this is the season of parties. You might have been wondering how you can make this year’s Christmas party better than the past few years, well planning is the key. We give you a concerted list of all your essentials and define them in details to help you further to decide which should be part of your least up to the most priority.


Having a party hall for your Christmas party will make the plan turn into reality since the place where everything will happen is already conceptualized. The fact that you are already eyeing a party venue, it is better that you know the things you must consider first hand before booking that particular venue. You must know the estimated number of attendees, know the rules of the venues particularly corkage fees, score good deals, be particular on how long is the time that you are allowed to use the venue and know the inclusions and packages you can avail

Events Space


One of a party must haves, a good design will surely win your guests’ awe, and in this age of social media definitely they wouldn’t miss a second to take a photo on one of the instagramable spot all over the place.

Having a hard time thinking of a suitable theme for your company party? Running out of ideas? You might consider these themes, courtesy of the event stylist of an affordable catering service.

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Food Catering

Eliminate the hustle because affordable catering in Manila got your back, having a good food to offer to will eliminate all your worries. The perks about choosing an affordable caterer is that the food will be controlled in accordance to the number of attendees, a lesser effort in preparing since the caterer will have it done for you and for most caterers, they will give you the perks of having a planner and basic styling for your event.

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Spice up your event by having something that your guests will look forward to, it is much better if it is in a form of an entertainment. Having your guests entertained by means of surprise dance numbers, fun games and encouraging spiels is a glimpse of success.


Prepare games that best invite the participation of everyone and to win excitement prepare simple treats for winners.

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-Dance Number

This marks the social media during the season of Christmas Party, charge your phones to be able to record this day of fun and astonishing hidden talents.

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Exchange Gift

Christmas is also the season of gift giving, don’t miss the chance to exchange wrapped treats and unboxed them with surprise. You can use codenames to make it more mysterious and to rest assure that you will get something you would really want have your wish listed.

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The excitement of random picking will never fade heartbeats away, this reward of luck initiate everyone’s attention waiting for their names to be called.

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Complete the night with just the right amount of alcoholic beverages.

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Official hash tag

To be able to collate pictures easily, use an official hash tag for that particular event, so that when pictures are uploaded on social media tagging and reaching each other is much easier.

Start the yuletide season with fun and memorable activities. Modify the tradition and turn into a night of surprises.

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