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How to Choose the Song for Your First Dance

The first dance between husband and wife during the wedding reception is something that everyone looks forward to. It’s become such a big deal that there are dance lessons now being offered to couples who wish to nail that perfect first dance down to a T.

For some couples, they already have a song that means the world to them. It can be their theme song, the song that they heard when they first met, the song that was playing when they first got engaged, or anything that speaks to them.

But what happens when you and your fiancée simply don’t have any song to choose from? Here are a few things to do as a couple so that you can zero in on that perfect tune:

List down your favorite artists.

Unless you’re into hard metal or gangster rap, your favorite artists will most likely have a love song or two in their discography. If you need a hint on who you love listening to, look at your most played songs. Chances are, it’s all from the same artist or from the same genre of singers.

Listen to a lot of love songs.

If you’ve got Spotify, listen to their playlists filled with love songs, both the oldies and the new releases. Unearth your playlists from the year you met. Keep the radio on for the entire week and take note of the songs that both you and your fiancée like.

Whittle it down to your magic 7 and listen to the lyrics.

Now that you’ve chosen your magic 7, research for the lyrics of each song and read through it. You’d be surprised on how some of our favorite love songs don’t really sing about love lasting forever. Some songs are about unrequited love, or about cheating on your partner with someone else—yikes!

Choose your top 3 and dance to it on your own.

Play the three songs that you love the most and dance to it, as if you were back in prom. Which song feels more natural for you and your partner to move to? The more natural it feels for you to groove as a couple, the more confident and natural you’ll look like when you’re finally on the dance floor.

Choose one and play it all day long.

Your chosen song will be immortalized in your wedding video, so you’ve got to be sure that it’s a song that you’ll be able to stand listening to not just when you feel like reminiscing over your wedding, but for the rest of your lives.

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