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How to Do Your Bridal Registry Right

When couples do their bridal registry, they usually treat it like a Christmas wish list—just keep on adding everything they want and hope they get everything. But when this happens, couples usually end up with a lot of things that they want, but aren’t essential to them building their new home together. So how do you go about creating your bridal registry?

1. Think about your future home.

If you’ll be starting out in a small home, cramming in a ton of things inside it isn’t a practical thing to do. Or if you and your future husband are planning to migrate or work abroad, don’t give yourself the headache of having to sell so many things before you head out.

2. Know your guests (and their budgets!)

You’ve been to countless weddings before, and you know how expensive wedding gifts can get. Keep the items in your wedding registry items that your guests can afford, or perhaps share with other guests, and have very few big-ticket items.

3. Prioritize your needs before your wants.

Doing your bridal registry is a lot like shopping—you have to buy what you need first before you go forward with what you want. This tip makes sure that you’ll always have enough money to buy the things you need to survive, rather than spending it on things that you can live without. A bed? Need. Silk beddings in five different colors? Want. If possible, lessen the things that you want in your bridal registry. This will make sure that your guests will choose the things that you immediately need. Because if you leave it up to the guest to choose which item to buy from the gift registry, chances are they’ll let the price dictate what they’ll snap up—they won’t consider if you “need” or “want” whatever is in there. Make the choice for them by offering up a good list filled with what you need.

4. Take note of any duplicates.

It’s easy to get carried way with pointing the registry machine at everything that you want, but through this method, you might end up with like 10 sets of different plates, and no bed or cookware. Lessen any duplicates in items to avoid this from happening.

5. Figure out how big ticket items will fit in your home.

Don’t squeeze in a king sized bed in a tiny start up home—it just won’t happen. Before including any big ticket items, such as pieces of furniture, into your home, make sure that you actually have the space for it. Measure each piece that you’ll be including in the registry, and how everything will possibly fit in your home. If you don’t end up getting these pieces from your guests, you can choose to purchase them at a discounted price, just by including them in your registry!

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