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Best Man 101

All the things you need to know about the groom’s right-hand man.

WHO: The best man is defined as the principal groomsman at a wedding. He can be the brother, a close relative, or the best friend of the man about to tie the knot. In any case, the groom usually picks his go-to guy and may choose more than one person in special circumstances (such as having two brothers or two childhood buddies who he is equally close to).

WHAT: The role of the best man may not be as extensive as the maid of honor’s, but he is instrumental in helping keep things in order on the groom’s side.

  • Helping you choose your wedding outfit, be it a formal suit or the traditional Barong Tagalog
  • Giving you objective opinions on wedding matters (it’s a big plus if your best man is already married because he can give you insights based on his own experiences)
  • Providing moral support on stressful days
  • Arranging your bachelor party and inviting all your close friends to attend it
  • Assisting you in wearing your suit
  • Distributing ties, boutonnieres, and other related accessories to the groomsmen
  • Making sure all the groomsmen are present for the pictorial and wedding march
  • Informing groomsmen about schedule changes
  • Holding on to the wedding rings before the exchanging of vows (fake rings are usually placed on the ring bearer’s pillow)
  • Assisting the church in obtaining the signatures of the principal sponsors for the marriage certificate
  • Going around the wedding reception and offering hard drinks to guests
  • Assisting the maid of honor in handing out gifts for the principal sponsors and wedding entourage at the party
  • Giving a best man speech that’s insightful and entertaining but won’t embarrass the newlyweds
  • Being on call if the newlyweds need anything throughout the ceremony and reception
  • Helping you with your honeymoon plans (essential if you want to surprise your new bride!)

HOW: Pick your best man by following your gut and choosing someone you trust. If you’re unsure, try to answer questions like:

  • Do you value his thoughts?
  • Is he dependable on nerve-wracking moments?
  • Can you rely on him for anything?
  • Is he responsible enough to attend to you on your wedding day?

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