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Hosting a celebration for the groom? Make sure everything’s in order!

It’s official. He’s tying the knot soon. Do your best to take your sibling or friend’s mind away from his pre-wedding troubles and jitters by throwing him a fun-filled night. Since guys aren’t particularly known for being organized, we decided to help you out through this list!


Choose a location where you and the gang can get rowdy, let loose, and share all your secrets. It can be held in one of your guest’s bachelor pad, a private hotel room, or a string of bars. Either way, make sure everyone is aware of the night’s agenda so they can come properly dressed for the partying.


A party isn’t complete without some chow on the table. Depending on the time of your party, make sure to prepare some snacks, order meals in advance, or have food delivered. Pulutan can range from nuts to chips, pizza to sisig. Contact your guests in advance to ask if they’ll be willing to chip in for the food. If you’ll only be offering snacks, inform people as well.


What’s a party without alcohol? Beers are the most obvious pick, but for classier drinkers, you can also offer vodka and rum. See if you can hire a bartender or mobile bar for the night if you’re expecting a big number of guests to attend the party. Just make sure your guests don’t drink and drive. Have a designated driver who stays sober all night. Or better yet, book a hotel room where you can all sleep in and check out late the next day.


Put the man of the hour on the hot seat by playing some games that will make him tell all. Suggestions include:

I Remember When…: Guests can complete this line and take turns talking about the groom—sharing their best, funniest, or most embarrassing memory with him.

Banned Words: Guests are given a list of words that cannot be uttered throughout the event. Every time a person says one of the words (such as the bride’s name), he has to take a drink.

Never Have I Ever: Another popular drinking game, all the guests are given the chance to complete the phrase “Never have I ever…” If others have done the activity just stated, they must take a swig of their alcohol.


Go for male bonding activities that are classy rather than sleazy. Remember, this is your last chance to really bond with the groom, so make it count! Cater to his interests, and make this a gathering (or even a weekend getaway) he’ll never forget. Some options to consider:

Holding a poker tournament, with poker chips and a dealer in full costume

Spending the day outdoors and having a tennis, soccer, or golf tournament (just for laughs, award trophies with the groom’s name as the event title!)

Belting out and dancing like crazy to the songs you used to love as kids in a karaoke bar

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