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How to Avoid Bride Burnout

If planning your wedding is starting to feel like a stressful, full-time job, do the following to help you find the fun in what you’re doing. After all, your wedding’s supposed to be one big happy celebration!

With all the details that go into planning a wedding, it’s no wonder brides turn into big balls of stress, or worse, into a bridezilla that everyone wants to avoid. Even worse, the bride would sometimes take their stress out on the groom, thinking that they would be the best person to understand the troubles—but the groom ends up not knowing how to comfort you. So what’s the secret to dealing with bride burnout? It’s almost like how you deal with your job when things get super stressful—you remember that you are in charge of making yourself happy! Take a few deep breaths and have some me time, to help you put things in perspective. Here are a few ideas:

Take 2 minutes to breathe and relax. If a supplier suddenly backed out, don’t freak out or send an angry email or text. Instead, deal with it by meditating, even for just a short while. Put on your timer to alarm after two minutes. Sit down, keep your back straight, close your eyes, and put both feet on the floor. Focus on your breath, and repeat a word that calms you down as you breathe in and out. It can be something as simple as repeating, “relax”, “happy”, or “calm down.” Repeat this meditation as often as needed, especially if you feel like lashing out or acting out in anger. React to the piece of bad news after you’ve already calmed down.

Be realistic about how much you can do with the time you have. The fastest way to stress yourself out is to cram so many wedding planning tasks to accomplish in just a day. When it’s just a list of things to do, you don’t have an idea if you can accomplish all of that in one day. When you put a timeframe for each task though, you’ll have a more concrete idea if you’ll be able to accomplish all of that, or which ones you can still do tomorrow. Plot out everything you need to do in a day, and assign a time for each one. We mean everything—tasks for work, when to eat, wedding prep, even when you take a bath!

Learn to delegate. Yes, it is your wedding, but what are the wedding planner and Maid of Honor for if not to help you out in the preparations? Instead of micromanaging, give most of the small tasks to your Maid of Honor, and the major ones to your wedding planner, so that you’re free to do the bigger things, like go to your hair and makeup trials, gown fittings, and food tastings!

Talk to your partner calmly, with no expectations. Men are wired to be problem solvers; meaning if you tell them about your problem, they’ll instantly give you several solutions. Women on the other hand, just want someone to listen to them and get a comforting hug, rather than being told what to do. Rather than feeling frustrated that your man doesn’t seem to “listen” or “understand” you, make him into a sounding board, and listen to his solutions—it is his wedding too, after all.

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