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Are you turning into a Bridezilla?

Resist the urge to become a stressed-out creature that’s too caught up in her wedding preparations.

BRIDEZILLA TRAIT: You’re too focused on the wedding planning.

Absolutely everything revolves around you making decisions. You need to look for the right swatches for the color motif, you need to find the best dressmaker to make the gowns, you need to book your wedding caterer, and more.

STOP THE TRANSFORMATION: Ditch “you” for “we.”

Don’t forget that the word wedding starts off with the letters WE—meaning there should be two people involved with planning the big day. Involve your partner any way you can, but at the same time, limit your wedding talk. Have special appointments wherein anything wedding-related is off limits, or allot a daily fixed time for wedding arrangements.

BRIDEZILLA TRAIT: You’re too emotional.

You get annoyed with the smallest changes in your wedding plans and find yourself crying uncontrollably most days.

STOP THE TRANSFORMATION: Don’t focus on perfection.

Remember that your wedding should be a happy affair, not a perfect one. The little nuances help make your wedding one-of-a-kind. Plus, no one will actually notice the imperfections unless you point them out.

BRIDEZILLA TRAIT: You freak out toward the people you love.

You can’t help it but you bark orders to your husband-to-be, demand things that your maid of honor should do immediately, and even get mad when your mom has a different opinion about your wedding dress.

STOP THE TRANSFORMATION: Remember why they’re there.

These people love you and only want what’s best for you. They’re not punching bags that will accept every mean comment you make, so be careful what you say.

BRIDEZILLA TRAIT: You keep calling your wedding vendors.

All your wedding vendors are on speed dial. When a new idea pops into your head, you call your wedding planner to find out if she could execute it. You change your mind about the flower selection in your bouquet almost every day, and constantly ask the florist if these new picks are available.

STOP THE TRANSFORMATION: Remember that they’re people too.

Though you’ve hired them to help you, they also have their own lives and schedules to worry about. They don’t live for the sole purpose of following your whims, so don’t text or call them each and every time the mood strikes.

BRIDEZILLA TRAIT: You can’t sleep.

There are so many things to be done on your wedding list, and you feel it’s keeping you up at night. You end up worrying about finding a cheap wedding package, booking the wedding reception venue, working within your budget, and so on.

STOP THE TRANSFORMATION: Find ways to de-stress.

Exercise so you’ll be too exhausted to stay awake at night. Book an evening massage and hit the sack immediately. Consciously make an effort to relax by not going online or reviewing any of your lists a few hours before sleep time.

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