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All You Need to Know about the Marriage Certificate

The what, when, where, how, and why of a marriage certificate.


A marriage certificate is a contract between two consenting adults—a man and a woman—which formally unites their lives in a legal, emotional, and economic manner. Recognized and sanctioned by the state, the marriage is dissolvable only by law.

A valid marriage certificate contains these essential details:

Details about the husband and wife

Full name



Place of birth





Civil status

Details about the parents of the husband and wife

Full name

Maiden name of mother


Details about the person giving consent to marriage (if applicable)

Full name



Details about the wedding



Full names and signatures of all present







For worldwide deliveries, you can file an application at your nearest Census Serbilis Center. Visit for a complete list of branches. For deliveries within the country, you can order online through ( A document can cost from P315 to US$20 depending on the area it will be sent to.



An NSO-certified marriage certificate will be available about three to six months after the local civil registrar has filed the papers. The processing time for the requested document takes faster when the file is already converted, meaning it is already in the database of the Civil Registry System of the Philippine Statistics Authority.

Once requested and paid for, it will take about 3 to 9 working days for you to receive it (depending on your chosen service provider and where it will be delivered). When the document is coursed through the postal service system, it may take several more days.



To be issued the marriage certificate, the interested party needs to provide the following information:

Marriage date

Country of marriage

Province of marriage

City of marriage

Complete name of the husband

Complete name of the wife

Complete name and address of the requesting party

Number of copies needed

Purpose of the certification


You can use a marriage certificate for many reasons: to apply for a new passport, to obtain travel documents, for employment in or out of the country, for school or embassy requirements, and for claims, benefits, or loans.


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