Activities to do in a Garden Party for Kids

A garden party for kids is usually a casual affair, and set up to be a mix of a picnic and a campsite rolled into one. However you would like to set it up, there are a ton of activities that you can do to keep the kids entertained while they’re outdoors. Here are a few ideas:

Biggest bubble

What child (or adult, for that matter!) can resist blowing and popping bubbles? There’s something so mesmerizing and magical about bubbles, and children love chasing it around, no matter how old they get. You can choose to make a contest out of who can blow the biggest bubble, or just hand over the wands to the kids and let them have fun on their own.

Impromptu pet talent show

Provided that all pet owners swear that their pets are housetrained and won’t bite, guests can bring their dogs or cats (choose only one or the other, to avoid any animal brawls!), and you can have a pet talent show, just for kicks. You’d be surprised on how competitive your guests will get when their pets are involved—they’ll pull off all the stops to win, even if the prize is just a few munchies for their pet.

Create your own flower crowns or bouquets

With a little flower twine, sticky tape, and a lot of imagination, let your guests make their own flower crowns. The kids will love wearing it, no matter how it will end up looking like. Fancy fairies or pretty princesses will love wearing the crowns, most of all!

If your guests are a bit too young to create their own crowns, they can make bouquets instead—just give them a bunch of flowers to arrange in a small pot or basket, and then they can take their own creation home. Instant giveaway!

Make your own kites or ribbon wands

Building your own kite takes a lot of patience and skill, but you feel so accomplished once you’re done with it. If that’s too much work for your guests, especially the younger ones, ribbon wands that they can gracefully wave around will still give them a thrill and will keep them entertained. Make a ribbon wand with a few pieces of thick but light ribbons in different colors, some balloon sticks and rolls of sticky tape.

Play an outdoor game.

Most kids would be happy enough to just run around chasing each other, but you can perhaps introduce them to a game of langit-lupa, patintero, or piko, to make your party a whole lot more interesting.

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