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9 Things You Should Have in Your Wedding Emergency Kit

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Stash all these items in a handy container and open in case of an emergency!

1. Cash in small denominations

You might suddenly need to give a monetary tip or want to pass through the fast food drive-thru before driving to your new home. In any case, stash some cash in a hidden pocket or sleeve of your emergency kit.

2.  Adhesive bandages

Wearing your wedding shoes for the first time might create blisters on your feet. This doesn’t just happen to brides, but to grooms too! It’s best to have some Band-Aids in case this disaster strikes.

3. Sanitary napkin or tampon

It has happened more than once. The stress of the wedding has caused the bride to get her period precisely on the big day. With a small bridal bag in tow, the newlywed might not have enough space to stash this important item, so be sure to include one in the kit!

4. Safety pins

Sometimes, when a button unravels on the groom’s suit or the bride’s wedding gown zipper breaks, there’s no time to mend it using a needle and thread. (You might not even find someone who knows how to properly use them!) The fastest way to keep things intact is through the ever reliable safety pin. Prepare safety pins in different sizes and colors so they will be hidden in plain sight.

5. Wet wipes

These moist towelettes have multiple uses! They can remove food stains, deodorant marks, and makeup. They can also clean your wedding shoes after a walk in a muddy path.

6. Granola bars

These hiking staples just might help tide the hunger you could be experiencing on your way to the wedding reception venue. Stash at least two bars for you and your partner.

7. Deodorant

All the stress, excitement, and bright lights might cause you to excessively sweat on your wedding day. Beat these factors by making sure your pits smell good until the end of the festivities.

8. Mints

You don’t want to kiss the bride (or the groom) with stinky breath. Remember to pop in one or two of these babies before the ceremony starts!

9. Oil blotting paper

The goal is to look dewy in all your wedding photos, not oily. Combat shine by dabbing these sheets periodically, especially before group photos will be taken.

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