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9 Edible Wedding Ideas

No one says no to free food. Here are a couple of ideas for you to give out as your wedding takeaway:

Freshly popped chicharon.

This is sure to be a hit with your guests, especially if you’ve got your own native chicharon stand, right at your reception, packing it away for you.

Mixed nuts.

If normal mixed nuts sound too plain for you, make it a bit more sophisticated by drizzling on some sea salt and melted chocolate, or even salted caramel syrup.


Use a refillable container, like a small tin box, so that your guests can put in their favorite mints or candies once the ones from your wedding run out. Keep your wedding monogram or thank you note hidden, like at the bottom of the tin box, so that they can use it for a longer period of time.

A specialty dish.

If you or your fiancée is a whiz at the kitchen, why not give away your own treats? Just make sure that it’s easily portable, with nothing that will melt or spill, and something that won’t spoil easily. It should also be something that you can make a week or a few days before your wedding day. Don’t stress yourself out making 150 tokens the night before your wedding!

A local delicacy.

If you’re having a destination wedding or heading to the province to tie the knot, take your pick from the local fare around, like fruits, a box of polvoron, or even a few ready to eat slices of lechon or a pack of danggit.

Coffee or tea.

What household wouldn’t want to have an extra can of coffee grounds, or a box of tea bags? If you’ve got the extra cash, throw in a mug or a tumbler to make it a complete set.

“The morning after” set.

Most weddings end late at night or until the last wedding guest calls it quits, so why not give your guests a ready-made breakfast set? Fill it with bread, butter or your choice of spread, and a tea bag or pack of coffee. If your budget allows it, throw in a bottle of sardines or a few slices of ready to eat ham, plus a hard-boiled egg. Cute!

Bottled food.

Taba ng talangka, pasta sauce, cheese spread, chocolate hazelnut spread—you have endless options when it comes to what bottled item to give. If you think that giving bottles of food aren’t “classy” enough for your wedding, it’s all in the packaging. Wrap a pretty ribbon on it, along with a personalized message, and it’s good to go!

“Just add ice and milk” halo-halo.

Skip the leche flan topping, but include all the dry and sticky ingredients that’s found in this classic cold dessert. Put it all inside a mason jar with a screw on tin cap, then tie a wooden spoon on its handle for the finishing touch.

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