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9 Beautiful Wedding Dress Necklines

Add something extra to your wedding dress by trying any of these stunning décolletages.

1. V Neck

Great for: Any type of body shape

Helps: Elongate a thick or short neck or give you a longer silhouette.

2. Square

Great for: Curvy, full-breasted women who want to create a boxy contrast without revealing too much cleavage

Helps: Improve narrow shoulders and create the illusion of a longer neck

3. Scoop

Great for: Women with long, elegant necks and practically any type of body

Helps: Enhance or conceal the chest (depending on the size of the scoop) and provide the impression of a bigger bust

4. Straight

Great for: Showing off skin (but not too much!) for women with wide shoulders and small bust lines

Helps: Enhance a long neck or display well-toned arms

5. Sweetheart

Great for: Women who need that extra oomph in the chest area or those who want to bare their shoulders

Helps: Create an overall balanced look and define a short chin and neck

6. Halter

Great for: Women with athletic arms and broad shoulders

Helps: Accentuate a tall or hourglass frame as well as add curves

7. Boat

Great for: Women with long necks and small heads, defined shoulders, or wide hips

Helps: Create the illusion of wider shoulders, enhance the chest, and cover the arms

8. One shoulder

Great for: Adding drama to an otherwise plain corset dress

Helps: Plus-sized women look visually slimmer due to its vertical or asymmetrical cut and aid women with narrow shoulders or thin, long necks to look wider

9. Off shoulder

Great for: Women who want to show off their collarbone and shoulders but cover up their arms

Helps: Create a flattering silhouette for plus-sized and pear-shaped women

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