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8 Wedding Guest Attire Dos and Don’ts

Dress the part of the perfect wedding guest!

DO review the wedding invitation.

Nowadays, couples indicate the colors and the type of clothes they’d like guests to wear (examples: cocktail dresses, long gowns, Barong Tagalog, and suits) depending on their wedding location. Make sure to check your invite before buying a new ensemble! You might be surprised to find out that the ball gown you bought won’t be suitable for the beach wedding your friend is having.

DON’T wear white or black.

You don’t want to steal the spotlight by being mistaken as the bride (when you’re wearing white) nor do you want to receive disapproving looks thrown by traditional family members (when you’re wearing black at a Chinese wedding).

DO wear something appropriate.

The wedding is a solemn occasion that is usually held in a religious venue. To be safe, wear your Sunday best—a decent outfit that you would not be ashamed to wear to church! Save the skimpy dresses for late night outings with your posse.

DON’T go for something too short or revealing.

As with any outfit, you can dress sexy without going overboard. Cutouts are welcome as long as they don’t reveal cleavages or crevices of any kind! As for the length of your dress, just one inch above your knees is ideal. Take note that some churches will not allow you to enter their premises or go to the front if you’re wearing something they deem indecent. To be safe, bring a shawl you could quickly use to cover up when needed!

DO wear something comfortable.

You’ll be wearing the same outfit for a few hours, so aside from making sure your ensemble is photo-ready, see if it’s something you can breathe and dance in! Break in the new shoes you bought to prevent blisters from sprouting by the end of the night. As for your dress, try the intimates you’ll be sporting underneath to make sure you have the right support and no VPLs.

DON’T wear something too casual.

Guys, take note that collared, short-sleeved polo shirts are not considered formal wear! You don’t have to get your hair and face done, wear a body-hugging dress, or balance on high heels, so the least you could do is dress up in something nice for a wedding! Choose a long sleeved, button-down dress shirt and a matching tie, or go for something more classic such as a Barong Tagalog or a bespoke three-piece suit.

DO play it safe.

If the couple doesn’t specify what they want guests to wear, take the conservative route and wear something formal. Choose a dress in a pastel, jewel, or metallic shade or sport a respectable coat, tie, and dress shoes. As with any special event, it’s always better to look overdressed than underdressed. Also, never ever wear denim for a wedding!

DON’T bring the contents of your entire bag.

Female guests are forced to bring tiny statement bags that can only fit a handful of cash, a credit card, a cell phone, a compact, and a lipstick (for touchups!). Save your partner the trouble by leaving the rest at home or in the car. Male wedding attendees hate it when their pockets are filled with their partners’ random stuff.

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