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8 Wedding Gown Dos and Don’ts

Brides, read these tips before committing to something very important—choosing your dress!

DO choose a dress that accentuates your figure. Study your body and find ways to draw people’s eyes to your best body parts. However, make sure to keep things classy since this is a solemn affair, not a clubbing excursion with your girls!

DON’T be in a hurry to pick a gown. Unless you’re getting married a week from now and still without a dress (gasp!), you can have the luxury of looking online to find your wedding gown. Just have a deadline as to when you’ll need to have your dress made or bought.

DO try some RTW wedding dresses. Ready-to-wear bridal gowns are cheaper than customized gowns though they have their own limitations in terms of size, length, and color. Trying on these gowns will allow you to see which fabric surprisingly feels great on your skin or which cut works well with your frame.

DON’T limit yourself to just meeting with your “dream dressmaker.” Unless you have a personal relationship with a dressmaker who has designed your clothes for years, you should be open to meeting established designers as well as up-and-coming couturiers who might be able to whip up your dream gown.

DO a bit of research. Browse through catalogs and go online to see the collections of your favorite bridal designers (new collections come out every April and October!). You can also search for wedding dress trends depending on the month or location of your nuptials.

DON’T forget to save your favorites. Take pictures or download your wedding dress pegs in your phone. Also, save backup files in your computer hard drive.

DO move around in your dress. You’ll be wearing it for at least six hours straight, so you might as well be comfortable in it. Aside from looking great while you walk down the aisle, you should be able to sit down (without feeling constricted) and dance (without tripping over the wedding train).

DON’T publish your gown fittings. Take pictures in every wedding dress that you try on—that way, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t work for you. When you’ve settled on a design, make sure to take pictures in different angles (front, back, and sides) so that you can keep tabs on the adjustments that need to be done and review them at the next fitting. It’s best not to publish these pictures on social media so that your friends (not to mention your groom!) will be clueless about how you look until you finally walk down the aisle.

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