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7 Unexpected Touches Wedding Guests Will Adore

Level up your wedding by surprising guests with these special details.

1. Puppy pride

If you’re dog owners, you can involve your pets at the wedding by including them in your rites! Guests will definitely ooh and aah when they see the dogs walking down the aisle or welcoming guests to the reception party.

2. Swag bags

Give guests from out of town some personalized gifts to help them explore the city or make their stay more manageable. You can give a bag containing the following: a map of the surrounding area with suggested places to eat and see, a pair of flip-flops, a foldable fan, an anti-mosquito spray, and other essentials they might need.

3. Do-it-yourself booth

While killing time in between the wedding rites and the reception party, set up a DIY station that features customizable items your guests can bring home. Your booth will surely be a hit whether it’s a special scent carefully concocted by them or plain cupcakes that they can freely decorate with flowers, gems, and icing!

4. Cultural displays

Return to your roots by including some customs at different parts of the wedding. Find out the meaning of specific rituals you like and see if you can seamlessly integrate them into your nuptials. Be sure to discuss what the rituals mean with your partner just to guarantee that he or she is okay with doing them as well.

5. Guest transportations

If you can afford to transport all your guests from the church to the reception area, why not do it in a fun way? Rent a pimped up jeepney, a horse and carriage, or a big coaster depending on how close the areas are to each other. Make sure to inform guests about this transportation option, and include a special wedding signage on your vehicle of choice.

6. Varied wedding centerpieces

Your guests will love the personalized table numbers, snacks, and handwritten names placed on their table. They will also be intrigued by tables with different decorations (a travel theme is highly recommended!) or those with DIY elements (card stamping, doodling tools, and more!).

7. Personal food spread

The food you serve leaves a lasting impression on your invited guests, so make sure not to scrimp on your selection. Surprise friends and family by serving all your favorite dishes! Go for an international cuisine featuring all the yummy meals you’ve tried all over the world. On the flipside, you could also showcase your favorite childhood desserts like dirty ice cream, cotton candy, or even halo-halo from your hometown.

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