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7 Things You Need for a Wedding Beauty Emergency

Looking your best on your wedding day is made much easier because of your chosen makeup artist and hairstylist, but you need these five items in your bridal pouch, to quickly solve beauty emergencies:

1.  Wet wipes

You never know when you (or a guest) will suddenly spill something on your wedding dress. Solve everything from chocolate stains to a muddy wedding dress bottom with wet wipes. This is also a great way to cool down if you’re feeling sweaty or hot during your al fresco occasion.

2. Lip gloss

You can’t always escape in a corner for your makeup artist to reapply your lipstick—talk about a waste of time! Reapply your own in a few seconds with your favorite lippie (or your makeup artist’s) in between eating and talking with guests. Remember to use a mirror while doing so; you don’t want to smile with lipstick on your teeth or cheek!

3. Face powder

There’s a difference between a dewy, natural look and just plain oily—go for dewy and natural, please! Your makeup will definitely wear off as the day progresses, especially with all the beso-besos, tears, and sweat that will happen throughout the day. Your usual pressed powder or foundation will do well in absorbing any excess oil or shine, especially in between photos. Just remember to dab lightly so that it won’t smear your makeup.

4. Tissues

You can’t very well wipe your tears of joy on your dress, or your groom’s suit. Have tissue handy for any possible cryfest over the father of the bride speech, and food spills, or your groom being a little bit more sweaty than usual.

5. perfume

A wedding usually takes half a day, and you’ll probably come in contact with all of your guests, which means you have to look and smell presentable throughout that whole time. A light fragrance will be enough to keep you smelling fresh all day, but remember to not smell like you bathed in it, or it’s so strong that you can smell yourself already.

6. hand sanitizer

Your hands will be handling a lot of things, from your wedding bouquet to receiving gifts. Take a hand sanitizer break every so often to keep your hands soft and clean when you receive guests.

7. hair tie

Most brides opt for an updo during the ceremony, and show that they’re “letting loose” during the reception by putting their hair down. It’s a fun option, but just in case you don’t want to be bothered by your hair and want to put it up again, save your hairstylist the trouble of giving you a hairstyle that will take an hour and tie your hair on your own.

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