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7 Rustic Garden Wedding Venues in Tagaytay

Rustic weddings have gained much popularity recently. Most couples prefer to see the glam of nature brought about by ravishing surroundings, one of the best things that Tagaytay favors for a long time. Tagaytay has always been the finest place for rustic weddings, with it being just few hours drive from the Metro, embellished by scenic views and encompassed by cool weather, couples are given all the compensation once they choose to hold their dream wedding in in places near the ridge of Tagaytay.

Pay tribute to nature’s wonder and choose among these beautiful garden wedding venues adjoining Tagaytay:

Balai Taal

Balai Taal, a hidden sanctuary is just few hours drive from the Metro. Surrounded by a panoramic scene of mountain ranges and bragging the Taal volcano and lake’s glorious view, Balai Taal displays a perfect combination of what couples are exactly looking for an outdoor wedding venue. Celebrate under the lush greenery while being caress by the element of cold spell. With Balai Taal’s accommodation surely couples will be given a fascinating prenuptial area such as their beautiful garden where flora and fauna prosper and a wooden bridge perfect for slaying pose.

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Narra Hill

Perfect for garden weddings and receptions, Narra Hill will certainly leave anyone who comes in and chooses to spend their special day here in utmost awe. Strategically located to overlook Taal lake, this nature filled setting is packed with scenic greens and breathtaking views. A beautifully designed pavilion in lush gardens, traditional kubo inspired huts, and a remarkable infinity pool await you once you step foot in this captivating oasis. It truly is a breath of fresh air a few hours away from the Metro.

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Forest Barn

A wood barn standing before the bona fide climate of Tagaytay situated in the middle of greenery is, is just part of the great offerings of Forest Barn. An outdoor wedding venue that caters both ceremony and reception for a dream wedding event, is also offering a serene place that cultivates a calm surrounding in a setting that nestle an exciting intimate wedding experience for couples. Count on the beautiful collection of trees to add cold spell to the place while witnessing a beautiful union of hearts in their ceremony garden. In addition, rooms are readily available to accommodate both the bride and groom inside Forest Barn’s premises. The barn is rustically designed to fit a wedding that simply defines nature’s goodness.

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Hill Creek Gardens

Taking pride in their stunning landscapes and serene setting, Hill Creek Gardens in Alfonso, Cavite is one of the most coveted wedding venues in the Tagaytay area. Located just a couple of hours from the Metro, this luscious garden centered hotel and premier events place has a lot to offer for couples that are looking for a peaceful yet elegant escape for their special day. Complete with an arranged massage for the bride and groom, breathtaking hotel accommodations, pavilion, grand ballrooms, and also its own private chapel, you won’t have to go far to have your perfect chapel wedding along with a remarkable reception. Hills Creek Gardens is definitely one of your best venue choices for your lovely Tagaytay wedding and reception.

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The Glens Tagaytay

Located in the heart of Tagaytay city, The Glens Tagaytay is your ideal venue for outdoor weddings and receptions. With its Butterfly Garden that can accommodate up to 70 guests, while the Ceremony Garden and Garden Pavilion accommodating 200 and 250 guests respectively, this beautiful setting can surely entertain. Enclosed in three hectares of land, the venue includes cottages, a pool, and a wide array of captivating greens and nature. Perfect for intimate weddings and events, this venue is nothing short of excellence for your outdoor destination needs.

Le Jardin Rosella

From the Rose Petal and Cherry Blossom patios which besiege beautiful flowers, to the Paradiso, Palm Spring, and Rosella Rocca patios that are enclosed in canopies of nature Le Jardin de Rosella has it all for your perfect garden wedding. Situated in the middle of Tagaytay City, Le Jardin de Rosella is known for their multiple luscious green gardens that surround the estate. Apart from the alluring garden scene, they also offer a fully air-conditioned Glass Hall which is designed with the color enhancement of a garden setting for those couples that want the feel of nature with the comfort of being indoors. All the spaces Le Jarden de Rosella offer are ideal for your wedding and reception needs surrounded by the sweet serenity of beauty and nature.

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Nayomi Sanctuary Resort

Placed under the tropical palms and  digging into the bountiful greens of Batangas, Nayomi Sanctuary Resort is situated in the stillness of the province whereas a heart stopping  view of Taal’s wonderful presence can be seen. The place caters beautiful ways to view the lake, providing guests a winning experience  and accommodation. Endowed with wide space for rustic celebration, Nayomi Sanctuary Resort gives acknowledgment to nature  through fine landscapes.

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A rustic wedding is always made beautiful by luscious greens, exciting atmosphere, and the serenity of nature. Gardens have always been a beautiful backdrop for those picture perfect moments, combine it with the cool weather that the mountains of the south has to offer.

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