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7 Must Dos for a Rainy Day Wedding

When you decide to have your wedding during the latter part of the year, you and your guests will enjoy a cooler breeze than you would have during the sweltering summer. But, with the cooler breeze also comes a bigger chance of rain. Besides checking the weather forecast beforehand, here are a couple of things you can do to make sure that you won’t let the rain ruin your big day.

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Prepare your venues

 If you’re holding your wedding and reception outdoors, you can’t just hope for the best that you’ll experience good weather on your big day. Have a backup plan to fall back on just in case. Scout for a nearby venue, preferably within the same area (better if it’s just a few meters away!) to serve as your substitute venue just in case it pours. If you’re okay with a little drizzle, check your venue’s tents if they’re sturdy enough to withstand the rain.

Take care of every guest.

Most guests wouldn’t want to bring an umbrella, so ask your wedding organizer or bridesmaids if they can help you out and act as ushers. The ushers can help your guests to and from your wedding venues. Also, include it in the invitation to dress appropriately and be prepared for any rain—your guests will appreciate that you told them in advance, so that they can adjust their travel time and dress more appropriately.

Provide a welcome mat

 Water puddles around your venues can be avoided when there’s diligent maintenance staff around, but when there are a lot of guests, it will be difficult to keep track. The worst part is, your guests can easily slip and fall because of the rain that’s brought into the venues (or you can slip while walking down the aisle—yikes!). Avoid this by providing mats by the entrances of the venues, for your guests to wipe their feet dry before entering.

Give shawls to the women in your wedding entourage

Men’s formal wear offer much more coverage than women’s formal wear, which makes the women of your wedding entourage more prone to feeling a bit more chilly. Help them stay warm by providing shawls for them to use. You’ll also get plus points for staying within the dress code of your chosen place of worship (just in case they’re strict that way), and shawls are always a welcome gift.

Pass around some coffee or tea during the reception

 During cocktail hour prior to the reception, it’s common to have an open bar or to pass around cold drinks. Instead, offer up a round of coffee or tea to warm up your guests while they’re outside, waiting for the reception to start.

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Make it part of the theme of your photos and videos

Rather than hating on the weather for ruining your concept of sunny days and beautiful sunsets on your wedding day, work with your photographer on a concept that will make your rainy day wedding look part of your photos, rather than working against it. Rainy days can look romantic!

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