7 Corporate Giveaways that Every Guest Will Love

Corporate giveaways will find a place in anyone’s desk, but oftentimes it lacks the wow factor that makes the receiver not use it as much. Here are the items that everyone will appreciate and actually use.

1. Personalized sticky notes

If you’ll be able to keep track of everyone on your guest list, you can give away pads of sticky notes with your guest’s initials on them. It will add a warm touch to your giveaway, plus will give it a bigger chance of being used more than the rest of their other sticky notes.

2. Battery packs

You’d be surprised on how affordable basic battery packs are nowadays. With everyone constantly on their smartphones, no one can have enough battery packs to use. Look for the most portable ones you can find, like those that your guests can easily slip inside their bags. Go for basic colors too, like black, red, white, or gray, to make distribution to guests easier without worrying whether to give it to which gender.

3. Pack of mints

Got gum? Or maybe candies? Something to chew on for emergencies (or to make the breath a bit more bearable!) has become almost as important as having your smartphone with you. Pack it into refillable steel or plastic containers, so that your guests can use it over and over again.

4. Key holder

Keychains are the most common thing that you can give away, but if your budget will allow it, why not give out a leather key holder? It looks like a classy little pouch, plus it will keep your keys away from scratching your things. If there’s even more budget, maybe you can have each of your guest’s initials stamped on the leather key holder.

5. Shoe bag

A shoe bag is hardly given out, but it’s a necessity, especially for those who travel (which is almost everyone!). And when not used for shoes, a small bag can be used in a ton of other ways, from a makeshift sock drawer, to a small bag for gym clothes.


6. Earphones

Some earphones cost 100 pesos or less, and everyone will love to get an extra pair. Choose it in neutral colors, like black or white, and if it comes in its own case, so much the better. We all know how hard it is to untangle earphones twisted into a knot!

7. Travel mugs

While coffee mugs are still quite popular and guests will always find use for them, a travel mug that they can use for hot or cold drinks will always be the preferred choice. Why? Primarily because people don’t have as much travel mugs as they do regular coffee mugs, so it’s more likely that they’ll have more use for your travel mug giveaway.

You can read this to get more ideas for your corporate giveaways.

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