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6 Wedding Rules to Break

Shake things up with some modern wedding updates that are totally acceptable in this day and age.

Old: The same bridesmaid dresses

New: An array of tints and cuts

Groomsmen rarely experience problems when it comes to thinking about what to wear for weddings. They just have to choose between a suit or Barong Tagalog based on what the groom will don. In the case of bridesmaids, they’ve been subjected to the stylish whims of gown designers who don’t put into consideration which color or cut would flatter their bodies. Thankfully, brides have now become more accommodating, giving bridesmaids a chance to look and feel good in customized gowns with varying colors and styles.

Old: Traditional bridal entourage

New: Mixed-gender bridal party

Do you have a gay best friend who’s dying to be a part of your wedding entourage? Nowadays, no one will bat an eyelash if you can get him to be your “male of honor”! It’s all about including the people who matter most to play a part in your nuptials.

Old: Bridal shower

New: Spa party

Your bridal entourage need not throw you a scandalous, booze-filled shower. Instead, they can invite your mom and your female relatives to a relaxing spa-themed celebration where you can have your nails done or your whole body massaged. Doesn’t that sound like a better treat?

Old: Full bridal registry

New: A mix of store-bought and monetary gifts

You and your partner don’t need to go through the trouble of registering anymore. Include your request for monetary presents in your printed invitations (just make sure to word it in a classy way) or post the wish on your Facebook event page or official website.

Old: No-see couple policy

New: Pre-wedding catch-up

Couples turn to each other on a daily basis, to the point that some are practically joined at the hip! Seeing one another the night before the big day can actually alleviate fears and decrease wedding day jitters. Some couples even opt to have their pictures taken right before the rites take place which is totally fine!

Old: Floral bouquets

New: No-wilt blooms

Fresh flowers will definitely beautify any wedding reception venue, but when it comes to the blooms you’re holding on to, it might be better to find an alternative such as flower arrangements made out of paper or cloth. This will guarantee you won’t have to worry about the flowers suffering from the heat of the bright lights and the humid weather. Bonus: You can keep the bouquet without having it pressed or preserved.

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