6 Ways to Enjoy Food Orders by Hizon’s Catering

What brings people closer to more than good food can do? Authentic flavor, mouth-watering taste, enticing smell, picture-perfect appearance, and convenient service there’s nothing above it.

A concept turned into an innovation project made possible by the Hizon’s Team is now Food Orders by Hizon’s Catering that introduce the signature dishes to your homes, whether ready to cook or eat.

Here are the best possible ways to make it most out of the quarantine period while entrusting us to be your plate partner:

1. Serve it for Meal Time

Food orders by Hizon’s Catering that comes in ready to serve and frozen goods are ideal options for your mealtime. Aside from the convenience of home delivery, cooking moms need not bother themselves thinking of recipes that will excite their families and even take the risk of going outside just to purchase these essentials.

2. During Small Occasion

Important occasions such as Birthdays, baby showers, and anniversaries, deserve even a simple recognition, even though in these challenging times. In the midst of this ECQ, physical distancing and social gatherings are not allowed, your comfortable homes can be your alternative event venue while enjoying it with your immediate family.

A fiesta like celebration will still be possible courtesy of delectable food servings. From breakfast to dinner, Hizon’s Catering got something to serve our clients. A variety of special dishes cooked under the remarkable influence of the catering’s flavor.

3. Satisfy your Daily Cravings

While staying at home, we cannot avoid thinking about our favorite food we are used to eating. Your extreme desire for specific food can also be tolerated in times. The influence of social media is really irresistible seeing pictures of good food, well it is really designed for that purpose. Without a doubt, social media is also a platform where the mobility of service is available in just a few clicks away.

In line with our commitment to serving you with convenience with your daily cravings of food whether for breakfast such as Skinless Longganisa, the all-time favorite Pork Tocino or for lunch and dinner such as the irresistible Chicken Inasal, Hizon’s Catering made it possible through food order service.

4. For your Comfort Food

Everyone aims to find comfort through food, our all-time favorite dishes hand to your homes with convenience is really appropriate to stay positive and hopeful even in these trying times.

5. Enjoy Local Food

Nothing beats the authentic taste of food that’s been part of our dining tables growing up. In line with serving you at home, we offer flavors that have been familiar with you and perhaps part of Filipino festivities. These include Chicken Caldereta, Chicken Inasal, Pork Asado, and many more.

6. Share it with Others

This is a call to prove the act of Bayanihan is innate to us Filipinos. Sharing food to our front liners in such an act that gives them the empowerment to continue the battle. Good food is ideal to share for them to ease tiredness after a long working day.

Having these ideas there’s always a brighter side to look at the moment like this. Having a comfortable home, surrounded by your loved ones, and being healthy up to this point in time is an everyday gift we must be thankful and why not take celebrations under your roof hitting safety and happiness at the same time.

for your reference and inquiries please click: Food Order by Hizon’s Catering

To order please proceed to: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1-KAp4Wakdl7YoR56XKWZnFjz1Q7u4fZZqv_nvtkIVno/edit?ts=5e958653

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