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6 Superstitious beliefs in a wedding

There are lots of superstitious beliefs about wedding and for Filipinos it became part of their culture already which they refer it as “pamahiin”. Here are some of it and be sure to keep these all in your mind!

1.  Dropping the ring, veil and arrhae means unhappiness.

Soon-to-be couples should take note of this! Be sure that the person who is in-charge of bringing the ring, veil and arrhae (coins) will be extra careful or else you’ll end up having unhappy marriage life. And, you don’t want that!

2. Siblings can’t marry in the same year.

Filipinos called this as “Sukob” wherein siblings who marry within the same year is a bad luck. They say that both of them will experience a misfortune life. So, you better talk with your siblings now!

3. Brides should not wear pearls.

Pearls are the tears of oyster. That is why; people believed that the bride who wears pearls will experience a lot of heartaches and tears during their marriage life. Now, you must eliminate it from your choices on what jewelry you will wear.

4. The bride should not wear the wedding gown before the wedding day itself.

Checking the fit of your final gown before your wedding day is a big no no! It is because your wedding might not push through. So, be sure on the size of your gown!

5. Gifts that have a sharp end are bad.

Planning to buy sharp items for the wedding of your relative or friend? Now, don’t!  It is believed that it might rift the relationship of the couples and also the friendship of the recipient and the giver.

6. Soon-to-be couples should not meet before the wedding.

Elders believed that the soon-to-be couples should not meet the day before their wedding or else it will not push through. Hold on those urges to see your wife/husband’s face and be ready for the big day.

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