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6 Ideas for Sports Themed Party

Here’s how to create the best party ever for your little athlete!

When kids are involved in sports, whether or not they’re super good at it or just starting to learn it, they get the value of teamwork, focus, and hard work. And when parents encourage their love for sports, they get better at it, too! And what better way to encourage them further by creating a birthday party around their favorite sport? Here’s what to do to make your party worthy of your little MVP.

1. Find a good venue  

The best and fastest way to really get into the sports theme is by renting out a venue that’s especially for that sort. Think your neighborhood park with a big soccer field, a basketball court, and indoor play areas with jungle gyms. Rent out any additional equipment, like balls, bats, or goal posts, so that your child and your guests will also have an instant activity to do during playtime. Make sure to read the rules and regulations of the venue beforehand, since these areas would usually have designated areas for where you can eat, what areas will stay open to the public, and the like.

2. Create food that goes with your theme

Think burger sliders shaped into little basketballs or soccer balls, cups of blue drinks to make it look like swimming pools for a swimming party, or blocks of chocolate that taekwondo enthusiast will want to break in half with their hands. So fun!

credits to: @ine_co

3. Serve up “sports drinks”

Real sports drinks for big athletes are usually too strong for young kids to chug down, so rather than serving those, why not whip up your own? Create delicious smoothies, or serve up fruit juice or fruit shakes.

4Make your photos work for you

Having a photo booth in your birthday party is almost expected, but what you can do to take it to the next level is by matching the props to your sports theme. It would also be great if you had a photographer roving the party take shots of them much like how sports photographers catch athletes in action. Think of creating an “Olympic” podium, where they can wear medals and pretend that they’re all winners!

5.Have actual coaches to teach the kids

Rather than having clowns or entertainers in the party, why not have athletes or coaches attend the party to teach the kids more about the sport? The parents will be thrilled with the idea of getting free lessons from the pros!

6. Don’t forget the goodie bags!

It can get expensive if you’d like to give your guests the actual equipment used for the sport, so it’s better to give them items that will still get their creative juices flowing. Give them little action figures, or a cute little jersey, or something that represents the sport—like a cute little black belt for your Taekwondo practitioner, or a ribbon twirler or hula hoop for the gymnasts!

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