6 Highly Entertaining Kid’s Party Booths

Bring on the fun by choosing any of these interactive booths for your child’s birthday celebration!

1. Cupcake decorating booth

Set up a table where guests—both young and old—can decorate their cupcakes and bring them home in small, takeaway boxes. Prepare colorful icing, edible letters, and fun shapes which go with your party theme. If you’re celebrating your daughter’s first birthday party, make sure you don’t end up alienating the boys by also preparing another set of colors or edible decors that they would appreciate.

2. DIY tote bag styling booth

Another tote-tally artsy idea, this do-it-yourself project will keep kids busy before food is served at the party. Let them use textile paint, fabric glue, washi tape, felt cutouts, stamps, and colorful buttons to decorate a plain canvas bag. They can bring home their customized creation when they’re done!

3. Kiddie salon booth

In this child-friendly grooming area, girls can have their nails, hair, and face made up while boys can have their hair done and set with colored hairspray. Before booking the services of a makeup artist and/or hairstylist, ask if the products they use are kid-friendly and hypoallergenic. You don’t want any of the guests getting a rash or allergy!

4. Photo booth

Take wacky pictures using the props provided by the photography team or just take a regular set of photos with family or friends which you can post with no shame on your office wall. A roving photo booth can also be hired to go around your venue, snap photos, and instantly print them out for guests.

5. Face painting or glitter tattoo booth

Thanks to a face painting or a glitter tattoo booth, young guests can magical transform their looks into something else—at least for a couple of hours! From temporary masks to mystical creatures to swirly symbols, young guests can look through a booklet filled with existing samples or ask the artists to recreate their favorite cartoon characters.

6. Flipbook booth

More expensive than the usual photo booth that shoots then prints pictures, a flip book employs stop motion technology to capture whoever is in front of the green screen. Your guests can choose from a set of animated backgrounds and act silly until the time is up! The printed booklet comes alive when you flip the pages continuously. This booth will surely be a hit with kids!

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