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6 Great Prenup Shoot Locations

Plan a prenup pictorial with 6 suggested venues you might not have considered!

Prenuptial pictorials are now part and parcel of the wedding process. Couples-to-be choose gorgeous out-of-the-country backdrops to have elaborate photo shoots, but for more cash-strapped couples, these suggestions will work as well!

1. The place where you two first met

There will always be something magical about the venue where you first locked eyes or exchanged hellos with your future spouse. Why not pay tribute to the alma mater or the work place that brought you two together by holding your pictorial there? We’re pretty sure the people who have witnessed your relationship blossom there will feel equally kilig when they see your prenup pictures.

2. The place where you usually hang out

Whether it’s a café, a movie house, or a museum, public establishments will definitely be honored to be a part of your wedding! Just make sure to ask permission before you stage a shoot in their area. Some locations may charge a fee, but they close their place to make it exclusively yours for a few hours.

3. A park, garden, or hillside

If you and your partner love the great outdoors, why not have your pictorial in a beautiful setting with lush greens all around? Have a field of bright-colored flowers, a breathtaking mountain range, or a clear blue sky as your backdrop. Check with your prenuptial photographer if there is an extra charge for outdoor shoots, how many people he’s taking, and if they are fit enough to trek a mountainous destination. Days before your scheduled shoot, check the weather to make sure the rain won’t spoil your pictorial!

4. Over or under a body of water

For water lovers, opt for couple shots with the two of you rowing a boat, riding a yacht, or kissing underwater! The last one can be staged in a swimming pool while the rest would need to be done in the middle of the lake or sea. Though more elaborate planning is needed for the latter, we’re pretty sure the finished product will be worth all the effort.

5. An amusement park

Make your prenup pictorial extra fun by holding it in an amusement park! There are a hundred and one ways you can pose for pictures such as riding bump cars, playing games to win giant stuffed animals, or holding hands while riding the Ferris wheel. The choice is yours if you’d like the pictures to be exhilarating or romantic.

6. Your wedding reception venue

In case you didn’t know, some hotels and venues allow couples to shoot their prenup pictorial a few months before their big day. This is a bonus freebie (a way of thanking you since you booked their venue!), but you will have to coordinate which dates are available. It is most likely you’ll have to schedule your shoot on a weekday or on days they don’t have pre-booked events.

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