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5 Things Couples Should Experience Before Tying the Knot

You’re not really ready to get married unless you do these five important things

1. Go through a big fight

When it comes to communication styles, are you and your partner assertive, aggressive, passive, or passive-aggressive? You won’t really know until you argue about something you’re both passionate about. Once you’ve figured this out, determine his non-verbal behavior, how he responds to you when highly emotional, and how you patch things up. It’s always best to talk things out and not let a fight drag on for weeks. (Side note: Be aware of physical, mental, or verbal abusive tendencies. Think twice about getting married if your partner acts this way.)

2. Own a pet

Having a pet is like being parents to a helpless baby. You’ll need to feed it, play with it, bathe it, and discipline it on a daily basis. Plus, you’ll have to figure out the all-important question of where it will sleep—on the bed or on the floor? Making such decisions will show you how you work together and compromise with each other.

3. Travel as a duo

It’s always exciting to go to a new destination with a bunch of friends and family, but traveling takes on a whole new meaning when you take a trip with your partner with no one else around. Vacationing together for a few days will expose each other’s sleeping, waking, and prepping habits. You’ll discover if your spouse-to-be is a morning person or a night owl, takes long to prepare, gets grouchy when hungry, and so much more!

4. Get close to the family

Make a conscious effort to really get to know your significant other’s dad, mom, siblings, and close relatives whose opinions he values most. Meeting these people will give you further insight into how your partner thinks and how his values were formed. You don’t need to get along with every member of the family, but it would be nice to form a somewhat solid relationship with them before the marriage begins.

5. Experience a money problem

Money is one of the constant things you’ll have to deal with when you’re married, so it’s best to do a test run as early as possible. Find out how your partner deals when you ask to borrow money or don’t offer to pay for a meal. You can also have a joint venture and see how the two of you work together.

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