5 Pre-Debut Photo & Video Shoot Ideas

You only turn 18 once so why not celebrate your special day with a pre-debut photo and video shoot? It’s a nice way to let out your creativity and let you shine! Here are five pre-debut photo & video shoot ideas to start you off on your creative journey:

Be inspired by your favorite movie or series

Love a particular movie? Bring its magic to life in your pre-debut photo and video shoot! Get inspired by the iconic costumes from your favorite films and incorporate them into your shoot. Recreate memorable scenes, transporting yourself into the cinematic world you adore. Let your imagination run wild as you embody the characters and capture the essence of your favorite movies in stunning visuals.

Look for ideas from your favorite book

Are you smitten by the written word? Infuse your pre-debut shoots with the essence of your most cherished stories, adding your own personal touch to each scene. Let your creativity soar as you bring the pages to life in stunning visuals that reflect your individuality.


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Celeb Inspirations

Why not draw inspiration from the glamour and creativity of your favorite celebrities? Just like Andrea Brilliantes and Francine Diaz, who brought their unique styles to their debut shoots, you too can infuse your shoots with star power. Take cues from their elegance and creativity to craft unforgettable moments that reflect your own personality and style.


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Music Video

If you’re passionate about music, why not showcase your singing prowess (and your acting chops) by starring in your very own music video for your pre-debut shoot? Select a song that resonates with you deeply and interpret it in your unique style. Consider inviting your friends to make cameo appearances, adding an extra layer of fun and personal connection to your video. Let your creativity shine as you bring your musical vision to life!

Short film

Why not tell your life’s story through a captivating short film for your pre-debut shoot? Craft a narrative that showcases significant moments and experiences, weaving them together to create a heartfelt and memorable story. Be sure to align the essence of your short film with the themes and motifs of your debut celebration to create a seamless connection between the two. Let your personal journey unfold on screen, leaving a lasting impression for years to come.

Some Extra Tips

Always keep in mind your general debut theme while brainstorming your pre-debut shoots. It should always compliment your celebration.

Don’t be afraid to give your opinions. Work with your photographer & videographer to truly bring your vision to life.

Choose a nice location. Your work is already halfway done with a good venue. Places like Mahogany Place Tagaytay and Shercon Resorts Ecology Park offer stunning views and backdrops for any occasion. 

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