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5 Post-Wedding Mistakes Grooms Make

New hubbies, prolong the honeymoon stage by avoiding these errors!

You’ve done the wedding planning, the booking of your vendors, and actually enjoyed the day of the celebration. Now just because the wedding day is finally over, it doesn’t mean you should turn into someone totally different from the guy your wife originally fell in love with. Here are some definite no-nos you should be wary of.

1. Letting go

It’s not about letting go of all your emotionally baggage (the way Queen Elsa of Frozen would have wanted you to do so!), but instead, letting go of the way you look. You might not look tidy first thing in the morning (which is totally acceptable), but if your wife finds you stinky and unshaven at 4 in the afternoon on a regular basis, she won’t be impressed. The “dad bod” (with your gut sticking out no matter how much you inhale) is also a big no… unless you’ve rocked that physique since the day you two started dating!

2. Being too clingy

You want to know your wife’s every move: when she’s hitting the gym, what time she’s doing the grocery, how soon she’ll be home, and so on. Dial it back a little and let her indulge in some me time and get-togethers with her friends and family (especially if she’s now living with your family!). Don’t worry, she’ll be coming home to you excited to share how her day went!

3. Changing attitudes

Some guys are guilty about putting their best foot forward during the courting stage, then changing their actions once they’ve put a ring on it. Remember how you were while you were still trying to woo your wife such as opening doors for her and making an extra effort to show your affection through words and actions? Keep doing these to demonstrate that you genuinely care.

4. Skipping household chores

Not all guys are domesticated, but this isn’t a valid excuse not to get involved in the housework. If you know you’re no use in the kitchen, you can lend a hand by washing the dishes after a meal. It’s all about compromise.

5. Focusing on paying the bills

You want to provide for your wife, but with all the wedding packages you had to pay for, you now have a huge dent in your bank account. Though you would have to strictly monitor the cash inflow, it doesn’t mean you can’t go on dates or mini-trips once in a while. All the money you save will be essential for your future family, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t live in the now.

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