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5 Post-Wedding Mistakes Brides Make

Equip yourself with the right information so you prevent these after-wedding blunders from happening.

1. Forgetting about your inner circle

Just because you and the man of your dreams have forged a new union, it doesn’t mean you should disregard the other special people in your life. It’s alright to be super focused on your hubby during the first few weeks of your marriage, but totally neglecting others—like failing to check how they are whether through a call or text message—is a big no-no! Remember that you have built good relationships with family, relatives, friends, and colleagues even before your guy entered the picture, so make an effort to keep it that way.

2. Postponing the cleaning of your wedding dress

When it comes to wedding dress musts, having it professionally cleaned and stored carefully is a big do! Don’t wait until after you come home from your honeymoon or it might be too late to remove all the dirt, stains, and odors. If needed, ask help from your mom or maid of honor to bring your gown to the cleaners.

3. Wanting to keep everything from the wedding day

It’s understandable for you to want to keep your wedding arrhae, bible, candle, veil, and cord for posterity’s sake, but is it really wise to keep all your extra wedding decorations and save them for future use? If your new home is gifted with a big storage space, this might not be a problem. But realistically speaking, you might just forget about these unused mason jars or twinkling lights… until the next time you do some spring cleaning.

4. Failing to review your suppliers

Before getting married, you visited countless blogs and read various reviews on wedding reception venues, wedding gown designers, and the like. Now is your chance to pay it forward to other couples who are about to tie the knot. As soon as possible, write a glowing or a constructive review about each and every supplier who took part on your big day. If you’re extremely happy with the services they’ve provided, take it one step further by leaving reviews on their professional Facebook or Instagram accounts as your way of recommending them to strangers.

5. Exposing your ring to harmful elements

It’s best to remove your wedding band when you’re doing household chores, especially when you’re dealing with strong cleaning agents or extreme temperatures. Diamonds and gems can chip due to wear and tear, while the band’s shiny finish can be dulled by harsh chemicals. Make sure to remove your ring and stash it in the same safe spot every time, just so you don’t panic mid-housework and think you’ve misplaced it. Also, be sure to schedule yearly maintenance checks with your jeweler so they can see if both your rings are in tip-top condition.

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