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5 Mistakes Newly Engaged Couples Make

Taking the path to forever? Read this list before making any embarrassing wedding-related errors!

1. Not savoring the moment.

Once you’ve proposed or said yes, you invariably intertwine your lives. Savor the days or weeks after the proposal—relive the proposal speech, stare at your engagement ring, remember the butterflies in your stomach—before diving in and making solid plans about the wedding. Because when you start planning, there’s no turning back!

2. Sharing the news on social media before telling your family.

The company you work for, the town you’re from, the status of your relationship—all these random facts are on Facebook for everyone to see. When you’ve upgraded from dating to engaged, make sure to personally inform your parents, siblings, immediate relatives, and close friends before changing your relationship status online! It’s always better to break the news in person or over the phone, especially to older relatives who might not be internet-savvy. In a similar note, publicly breaking the news might lead to some future repercussions. Some people who see it on their feed might expect to be invited to your big day. To be safe, filter the people who would get to see the update until you’re definite about your guest list.

3. Avoiding the discussion about your future arrangements.

More than just making wedding plans, it’s important to talk to your partner about serious matters like where you will live (will we live on our own or with in-laws? Will we live somewhere not so far away from my work?) and how you will divide your expenses (will we have separate accounts or a joint bank account? Who will pay for the rent and utilities?) before getting engaged. If you haven’t discussed these things, how will you know if he or she has existing debts to pay or priority payments each month?

4. Having conflicting plans for the wedding.

Grand versus intimate, indoors versus outdoors, summer versus rainy season—these are just a few examples of what you two would need to discuss before setting a realistic budget. On a side note, be sure to clarify who would cover specific wedding expenses so that you can manage expectations. Once you’ve settled all the major details (the wedding date, number of guests, and location you want), prioritize booking your wedding and reception venues first! Some popular locations (and suppliers!) might not be available if you book them less than three months in advance.

5. Forgetting to involve your family.

Filipinos are a tight-knit bunch, and no matter what you say, your family will always want to be involved in your wedding. Ask for their insights depending on their specific interests. Make this an opportunity to get close to your future in-laws and vice versa. Regularly update them about important matters such as the final time of your wedding, your chosen catering service, and the like!

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