5 Key Factors in Choosing a Debutante Dress

Selecting a debutante dress is not as easy as picking what to wear from your closet for another day at school. Arm yourself with the right knowledge by reading this article before buying or having your gown tailor made.

1. The cloth

Are you having your debut in an air-conditioned venue or hosting it outdoors? Pick the right type of cloth that will allow your skin to breathe depending on the party place. If you sweat easily, don’t pick heavy fabrics (such as velvet) that will increase the chances of you perspiring throughout the night.

2. The cut

Once you’ve decided on the cloth type, another factor to consider is the style of your dress. Are you comfortable wearing something sleeveless? Is there a body part you’d like to highlight such as your collarbone or back? More importantly, what is your body type and will the particular cut you are considering look good on you? Think about the body parts you’d like to highlight or hide (i.e. neck, shoulders, arms, waist, or legs), but also remember that moderation is key!

3. The length

Do you want to wear a cocktail dress to show off your legs or would you rather keep them hidden under a long train? The length will also depend on the activities you’d like to do during your debutante party. Dancing may be a challenge when you’re in a full ball gown, but it is still possible (think Belle of Beauty and the Beast!).

4. The color

Choose a shade that will complement your skin tone and match your personality. Ask your mom, siblings, and friends to say which colors they think highlights your features, then pick varying shades of that to get a feel of what you like best. For a quick test, put the sample color over your skin and next to your face, and then see how the tint makes you look.

5. The fit

If you’re planning to buy your dress from a store, don’t choose one in advance because you might still lose or gain weight before your party. The best time to purchase one would be around three to four weeks before your debut. If you’re having one custom-made, it’s safer to meet up earlier with your designer or dressmaker since you don’t know how busy he or she might be.

Whether you buy one off the rack or have it made, make sure you can breathe properly as well as sit and stand comfortably while wearing the dress. These considerations are more important than just checking if the dress looks good from every angle.

If you can’t decide for the style of your dress/gown, you can get ideas here “10 Enchanting Debutante Dresses“.

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