5 Fundraising Event Ideas

Fundraising event is done to raise money for a cause, charity or for companies who have a specific goal. It also aims for publicity and awareness at the same time. Companies can gain specific amount of money easier than the usual voluntary contribution through fundraising. It is a must that when conceptualizing this kind of event you are aiming for a larger number of participants which is possible through engaging activities. Here are the amusing activities you might consider for your fundraising activities which you can assure the participation of your employees.


Expect a huge crowd whenever you choose this kind of fund raising activity. Most employees await this kind of social hour; they want to sing and jive their hearts out to the tune of upbeat music. The presence of their favorite band or a known personality is an additional attraction to gain more invites. Just don’t forget to charge them fee and let them know that this is a beneficiary concert. For your special guests, make them feel important by preparing food. Consider food orders of restaurants or of affordable caterers in Manila to  lessen the hassle of preparations.

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Fun run

Everybody wants to perspire after a busy work month. In this kind of activity you are giving your employees a onetime chance to involve themselves on a healthy activity or at least move to exercise their muscles and joints. Since fun run is a non competitive activity you can encourage your employees to bring their families or friends with them. Also, after a tiring kilometer run consider treating the participants with a buffet service kind of meal.

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This is one of the most anticipated part in every event. You will add more excitement when the prizes you are about to give away are goods that each one of us wants to have, not literally a dream car or a house and lot but at least something that one can value like cash prize, branded goods, gift certificates, tickets, appliances or gadgets. By doing this you can raise awareness and get everyone, or if not all, at be involved in these fundraising events.

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Movie Night

Host a film screening or movie marathon and encourage your employees to invite their families or friends. Provide movie tickets for them to purchase, you can also sell snacks for them to enjoy while watching a movie.

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An effective auction needs a convincing auctioneer to encourage high bids. In a corporate world where people use to know each other this can result to a friendly rivalry which pushes the price higher.

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A successful fundraising event is defined more than the amount of money gained it is also about the relationship established, the experience explored by each and everyone and the boundaries crossed.

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