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5 Fun Indoor Birthday Ideas for Kids

All parents aim for a happy, and memorable birthday party for their little ones. Now that celebrations are mostly done indoors, parents make it a point to be more creative in executing a party at home.

1. An admirable welcome for the celebrant.

Every kid wants to feel special on their birthday, they will surely appreciate the warmest greetings, admirable chants, and compliments from their family. Add up to the fun before the party starts by welcoming the celebrant with beautiful smiles, good party music, and energetic applause.


2. Do it yourself party themes

One of the first things parents consider when conceptualizing a party for their kids is the theme. Ideally, the fun starts after being able to choose a party theme.

birthday ideas for kidsUnder the Sea

The thematic feels of sea life are fascinating. The presence of under the sea creatures and characters make the setup amazing. This is a very child-friendly theme, that their curiosity about under the sea life will make them love the designs.

 Does my son/daughter like this theme?

Sea creatures caught the attention of kids brought about by interesting television shows kids are fond of watching. Pictures of these lovely sea creatures will surely be appealing to kids.

Here are some party theme ideas you can have to spice up your little one’s party:

Will the kids be able to relate to this theme?

Surely they will, it is like an ocean experience while having fun. Kids would love to see fishes, octopuses, and other creatures in three-dimensional.

Is it timely?


This theme gives a vivid jungle life experience. The safari decors and animal characters will surely be an attraction to kids. The neutral design is enjoyable both for girls and boys. The innate love for animals will surely be a great advantage towards an enjoyable and interactive party.

 Does my son/daughter like this theme?

Animals are the first creatures kids appreciate because of their friendly and interesting personalities once they appear on television.

Will the kids be able to relate to this theme?

Storytelling using animals as characters has always been the ageless way to develop a mother and child relationship. So what should we expect? Kids will definitely love to see these jungle creatures.

Is it timely?

Animals never go out of style knowing they drive interest most of the time.

Yes, just imagine how kids will love to experience ocean adventures. A theme like this will give them a glimpse of the experience.

Pajama Party

The comfort of a home-like party theme makes pajama parties enjoyable.  The presence of toys makes the kids love the setup and interact with other kids. Cards and invitations can be designed with cute little bears following a certain color palette.

 Does my son/daughter like this theme?

A theme close to their comfort is a sure win for kids. Seeing cute teddy bears will be one of the best parts.

Will the kids be able to relate to this theme?

Every kid used to hug stuffed toys. The presence of these huggable toys will surely be pleasing to kids.

Is it timely?

Yes, the wearing of pajamas has always been a kid’s choice so why not incorporate it into the theme.

3. Fun and Games

This shouldn’t be missed as this is one of the most fun parts of every celebration whether made at home or not. Think of kids-friendly games that even the young at heart will surely enjoy.

birthday ideas for kids

1. Pinata

Pinata is one of the common yet fun party ideas. Gather the kids around the hanging pinata and make sure that the celebrant is in a good place to pull the pinata’s string and be able to get first the surprises inside the pinata.

2. Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of the items each kid needs to find within a certain location. You can extend the fun to your garden if possible. Challenge your guests to find toys or things relevant to your chosen party theme.

3. Bring me

One of the most enjoyable party games is Bring me, this game brings out the alertness, intelligence, and competitiveness of every participant.

4. Kid’s friendly menu 

Since this kind of party is made for the little ones make sure to serve dishes approved by your little ones. You can get your little ones involved in the planning process by hearing their suggestions and wants, like asking them what food they would like to have at their party.

Don’t forget to serve luscious desserts, pastries, and cakes, cause without a doubt your little one will surely love to tolerate their sweet side, especially at their birthday party.

birthday ideas for kids

5. Gift giving 

The most exciting event in every children’s party is the gift-giving part, prepare a table wherein all of your guests could put their gifts for the celebrant. After the traditional blowing of the candle, follow it with the part in which the celebrant will be asked to open his/her gift one at a time.

birthday ideas for kids

Having these things on your checklist will definitely bring joy to your child even his/her party is done at home. Putting up your effort, cooperation, and creativity as one will give your child the most unforgettable home quarantine celebration.

Start planning your little one’s party at home, keep them safe and satisfied by giving them the best birthday bash. Read and learn more here:

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