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5 Elegant Wedding Venues

The comfort brought about by choosing the best venue is one of the priceless ways to thank your guests for devoting their time to your event.  An elegantly styled wedding venue gives  all the favors such as aesthetically pleasing surrounding, picture perfect spot, and a cozy space.

There are a lot of considerations in choosing a wedding venue in this modern era, a time where smart phones are in quest of picture perfect spots.  On the other hand there are also a lot of venues that brag their unique features and aiming to meet the desires of their clients.  Elegance is one of the key factors that clients are looking for in a venue.

La Castellana in Intramuros Manila, Palazzo Verde in Las Piñas City, Blue Gardens  and Fernwood Gardens in Quezon City and Alta Veranda de Tibig  in Silang Cavite are just some of the elegantly designed wedding venues.

We provide you the reasons why these venues are on the list.

La Castellana

Commit in giving your guests an experience inside La Castellana’s Spanish-inspired interiors. A place known for its versatility, welcoming a diverse kind of matrimonial events, whether Muslims, Buddhists or Christians. La Castellana is a space for everyone’s dream event.

Relax in the elegant atmosphere as you walk into gleaming floors while admiring chandelier in La Castellana’s grand foyer. The ballroom hall is impressively designed to cater events while giving comfort courtesy of breathe easy atmosphere.

La Castellana

Palazzo Verde

A Victorian era inspired venue that complements the elegance of styling, Palazzo Verde introduces modern architectural design.  Indulged in the grandest of things offered by this venue. Enter into a door of royalty experience that will surely make an impact on the day of your event.

Palazzo Verde

Blue Gardens

A weave of English and French  architecture, Blue Gardens maintain the romantic and classic aura which made the place an  ideal venue for  affairs whether wedding, debut or private party.

The wide space offered by Blue Gardens can be turned into a nifty ceremony or reception area. Providing a glamorous interiors, this is just some of the perks once you choose to hold your event here.

Blue Gardens

Fernwood Gardens

Offering a worry free space for your event, a fine-styled venue within the metro, Fernwood Gardens offer a calm atmosphere. The new landscapes and structures are the additional attraction in this place. Fernwood Gardens display accomplished details that add flavor to the set up. Featuring nature’s wonder, such as swans, Koi fishes, and birds, they all present a thrill.

Fernwood Gardens

Alta Veranda de Tibig

Characterized by the ageless splendor of Spanish-Filipino architectural design, Alta Veranda de Tibig commits in making a dream event of yours come true through glamorous details that the venue offers.  Expect a rewarding view of Laguna de Bay with the mountain breeze boast by the place aiming to gratify the guests’ experience.  The halls of Alta Veranda de Tibig can be customized into a grandeur scene of celebration .

Alta Veranda de Tibig

A beautiful venue alone, already speaks a success story of a wedding. Knowingly, guests are to remember an extraordinaire experience once they encounter a place that feeds their vision.

Feed your knowledge before booking a venue with these topics:

Things to Consider in Choosing the Perfect Venue for Your

One of the most crucial decisions you’ll ever make before your wedding is finding just the right venue. So grab your notepad and pen and write down these important factors that you need to consider. It will help you avoid a lot of hassles and sudden mishaps on your special day.

 Important Tips in Choosing the Right Wedding Venue

A wedding is a multi-decision event, and decisions are often divided into two major categories: wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Aside from the food that can be taken care of the catering in Philippines, choosing the best venue can often consume much of the couple’s time.

5 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Venues

Let’s face it: distance and traffic are two factors that make guests reconsider attending a wedding. It doesn’t matter if your venue is beautiful. If the area is too far away or it’s known to be always congested, people might opt to skip your celebration entirely. To ease everyone’s minds, pick wedding and reception venues that are not too far away from each other (if you can hold both the rites and the reception in the same place, even better!). Ample parking space is also a plus since many guests choose to bring their own cars for special events.

Get to Know Which Wedding Venue Type Is Ideal for You

When you think of your wedding day, you have a vision of how you want it to look like. You want your wedding to take you to a place where it can give you that magical feeling of happiness and bliss.
When you imagine of a place for your wedding, you’re exactly thinking of—the wedding venue. The wedding venue sets the physical image and mood of the wedding. It has a lot to do with the over-all picture of the wedding— the ambiance, architectural designs, lights, table set-up and seat arrangements.


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