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5 Debut Party Venues in Manila

From weddings, debuts, corporate events, children’s parties, and more — there are plenty of events to be celebrated in your life. One of the most important aspects of event organization is choosing the right events place in Manila, as this ensures that you can accommodate all attendees, make use of the needed technological components, and provide that “wow” factor to guests. Below are the best event and debut venues in Metro Manila! Keep on reading.

1. La Castellana

In the heart of Intramuros, there is a picturesque landmark that exudes elegance and character. La Castellana is a gorgeous ode to the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines and is housed within this historically significant structure in Manila. Lifelong remembrances should be commemorated in a setting characterized by a distinctively nostalgic atmosphere.

Weddings and debuts are imbued with an unmistakable aura of enchantment by the Salon De Joaquin Ballroom’s magnificent crystal chandeliers and exquisite backdrops. The Sala De Gleceria bridal suite is a majestic representation of royalty. The soothing harmonies of the bridal suite, which overlooks the courtyard, are expertly woven by a string quartet.

While the El Jardin De La Luz, or the atrium designed in the Spanish style, is landscaped with the most exquisite and lavish tropical plants. The cloverleaf fountain in the center adds a magnetic sense of drama that leaves visitors pleasantly stunned. The Patio Domingo’s open-air veranda overlooks the stately ballroom and offers an unrivaled view of Manila’s world-famous sunset. It can hold up to 350 guests and can be located at Cabildo St. Intramuros, Manila.

2. Baluarte De San Diego

Baluarte de San Diego is an Al fresco garden dating back to 1586, making it the ideal location for a traditional Filipiniana ceremony. This venue is ideal for those who want an outdoor ceremony with a touch of Hispanic culture and history. This is ideal for those who want to have an outdoor debut party. It is located at Sta. Lucia St, Intramuros, Manila.

3. Ramon Magsaysay Hall

Ramon Magsaysay Hall in Manila is a popular venue for wedding receptions, debuts, and corporate events. Located along Roxas Boulevard, the RM Hall provides the magnificent Manila Bay sunset as a backdrop for any occasion. The venue can accommodate up to 250 people and is entirely air-conditioned. The utilization of outdoor amenities, such as the plaza and the fountain, elevates the significance of ordinary celebrations. It is located at Quintos St, Malate, Manila.

4. Palacio de Maynila

Palacio de Maynila is located at Malate, Manila and can hold up to 500 guests. This is really perfect for grand debut party celebration.

Palacio De Maynila is purpose-built for hosting events. It is the venue of choice for social events with 400 to 500 guests, such as debuts, marriages, anniversaries, awards nights, and corporate events.

The addition to Palacio’s facilities, Seaview Hall, is located on the second floor of the main tent’s foyer. The new function hall is approximately 135 square meters in size and can accommodate 100 to 120 guests. It also features a lanai with a breathtaking view of the bay. Seaview Hall is perfect for intimate gatherings and meetings.

5. Casa Manila Patio

The Casa Manila Patio is one of the most recognizable event venues in Manila due to its Spanish-inspired architecture. The genteel nostalgia evoked by the open gardens of Casa Manila Patio, located in the heart of Manila’s historic Intramuros district, the seat of Manila’s culture and government in the 1800s and 1900s, makes for a genuinely unforgettable wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or prom. It can hold up to 150 guests and is located at Intramuros, Manila.

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