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4 Ways to Find the Best Wedding Suppliers

There’s no exact science to discover the best wedding suppliers. Couples decide whether to employ or pass on a contractor based on a mix of varying factors. If you and your intended are starting to search for people to hire on your big day, you should definitely take note of these important considerations:

wedding budget

Affordable Cost

There is a tendency for couples to go for the most well-known suppliers, but that is a big no-no! Before booking anyone, sit down and have a talk with your partner about how much you are willing to spend for each supplier on your list. Break it down into price ranges with ceiling amounts (as in the highest fee you can go), so when you research online or attend bridal fairs, you can instantly tell if a particular supplier is worth considering. However, if a supplier is too expensive but you really want to work with him, don’t lose hope! Approach him to inquire if he has available packages within your price range. You can agree to trim some unnecessary frills to make your budget work.

Great Attitude

The first time you met your prospective supplier, did she smile and instantly make you feel at ease? Or did she give off a snooty, unapproachable vibe? Openness is vital when hiring someone—you should be able to frankly talk to your supplier about your dream wedding without fear of judgment. A lot of couples hope to work with easygoing and accommodating people who are willing to answer their questions (however silly they may sound) at any time of the day (the quicker and more helpful the response, the better!). More importantly, they want to work with suppliers who will provide them with the least amount of stress on their big day. Trust your gut! Don’t hire a supplier who makes you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.

Amazing Feedback

Now comes some serious sleuthing on your part! Join wedding forums, read wedding blogs and magazines, interview your friends, check out comments on suppliers’ respective websites and social media accounts—do all these to find out if a supplier has a stellar reputation in the wedding industry. You’re sure to see a few undesirable comments here and there, but if majority of the remarks are positive, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t hire that supplier. Also, keep in mind that popularity isn’t always synonymous with quality, so be cautious about hiring suppliers just because they’re famous. You can dig a little deeper to find lesser-known suppliers who could provide you with quality work at a cheaper rate.

Consistent Work

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a moment to go through a supplier’s portfolio or website to review all of his current works and past projects. That way, you can check if the quality of his work is constantly excellent.

For photographers, scrutinize the composition, lighting, poses, and the overall feel of his shots. For hair or makeup artists, see if there are at least three to five looks you like from the ones that he has already whipped up. For wedding gown ateliers, take note of the finer details such as the craftsmanship of the embroidering and the way the gown hugs the body. For florists, review how the flowers are artfully arranged and if they look fresh at different times of the wedding. If you can imagine yourself in any of the pictures you’re looking at, then you’re on the right track!


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