4 Things You Should Spend On For Your Corporate Event

The common complaint of people planning an event is that the budget is too small compared to the event that your company would like to throw. But there’s a way to stretch the budget, but still being able to show everyone a good time.

1. Scout for the venue with the best value.

If you’ll be holding the event in your office, it will most likely be free (or for a small fee), and a lot of the employees will be able to go. But, if you’ll be inviting outside guests to the event, think about the accessibility of your office to them. For example, if your office is in Laguna, you’ll need to provide a shuttle service for guests coming from Metro Manila.

If you’re looking for a venue outside of your office building, the location, size, price, set-up, and affiliated caterers are some factors to consider. And, again, think if your venue is easily accessible to most of the attendees, of if you’ll need to provide a shuttle service to get guests to attend.

2. Go all out on the food.

Guests will always remember the food—whether it was good and plenty, or it was awful and limited. And you’ll be sure that there will be a guest who’ll put up a post or two featuring your food, and it will either be a rave or a rant. To make sure that they’ll rave over it, don’t scrimp on the servings and the taste, and make sure all the servers and waiters are all happy and smiling.

3. Have an “instagrammable” host or guest of honor.

credits: balita.com

Guests love “special guests” who grace events. It’s money worth spent on a celebrity’s talent fee if you’re looking into creating additional buzz for your event, especially if it’s a product launch. The bigger the star power, the more chances that your videos will go viral, or your hashtag will make it to the top trending spot (or at least break into the top 10 for a few minutes.)

4. Give a little extra in your goodie bag.

Guests usually know what to expect inside a goodie bag from a corporate event. There’s the mandatory ballpen, notepad, and fan—and these are all great and useful. But what if you include something that will give the wow factor? Gift cards are always welcome, as well as containers such as a pouch or a calling card case. Succulents will also find a place in your attendee’s desk or home.

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