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4 Pre-Wedding Errors by Men

Are you guilty of committing these major pre-wedding mistakes? Go through the list and change your ways so you end up with a contented bride.

1. Being indifferent with everything

Ikaw bahala.” “Puwede na.” “Okay naman.” These are three sentences women absolutely DO NOT want to hear from their future grooms, especially during the wedding planning phase. If this is your default answer for every question she presents you with, take a moment to put yourself in her place. How would you feel if she answered all your queries with the same lines? Unless your bride-to-be has already planned every minute detail of her wedding before she could even walk or talk, she would appreciate and value your input every step of the way. The next time she asks you something (such as whether you prefer a white or an ivory dress—ack! Is there a difference?), listen to your gut, give a reply, and remember your choice.

2. Sticking to the budget

Budgets are meant to be broken. Okay, that’s not entirely true, but how can you set a fixed amount without even knowing the price range for your venues and suppliers? Before sitting down and talking finances, attend a few bridal fairs and research online so you can know the current competitive rates in the market.

3. Zoning out about “girly” details

The next time your future Mrs. discusses flower arrangements or venue decorations with you, your mind shouldn’t wander off to more manly pursuits such as the bridal car you want to rent or the bachelor party your best friend is planning to host for you. Remember, life is composed of many highs and lows. You can only appreciate great moments when you can compare them with the lackluster ones. Though these details aren’t at the top of your list, they’re a part of the process which has to be dealt with. Just take a deep breath, dive in, and move on as quickly as possible.

4. Not caring about his appearance

A lot of focus is given to the bride’s makeup, hair, dress, veil, shoes, garter, bouquet, and so on. Because of this, some males feel that they just play second fiddle at their own wedding. This disposition results to last-minute choices on what suit to wear and not even caring about having a facial a few weeks before the wedding. Don’t follow the pack, husband-to-be! The spotlight will definitely shine brightly on both of you, so make the extra effort to look as dazzling as your bride.

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